Home Insurance in Hendersonville, TN

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Living in Hendersonville

Hendersonville is a beautiful suburban town located in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, just north of Nashville. People are drawn to the lake life in Hendersonville, as well as a variety of restaurants, parks, and shopping. The median home value is around $435,000, representing a significant investment. VIU by HUB has the local expertise to help area residents obtain high quality home insurance in Hendersonville.

Why You Need Home Insurance in Hendersonville

While a homeowners’ policy is not required by law, it is most likely required by your mortgage lender as a way of protecting their asset. Your home in Hendersonville is quite possibly the biggest investment you will make in your life. It's important to protect that investment with a quality home insurance policy. Here's why:

  • It protects your house. Purchasing a home is expensive so it's likely that you won't have extra cash available to repair or rebuild in an emergency scenario. This will potentially save you from a loss of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, depending on the size of your home.
  • It protects your possessions. A homeowners policy protects more than just the house. Your personal property is also covered by your policy in the event of damage, loss, or theft, even if the belongings are located outside your home, such as a bike or laptop.
  • It protects you from potential lawsuits. If a visitor to your property becomes injured, you could be sued for damages. Your homeowners’ policy offers personal liability protection that provides coverage in this type of situation.
  • It provides you with peace of mind. Thoughts of worst-case scenarios can sometimes rob you of your sleep. While home insurance in Hendersonville won't prevent a loss from occurring, it will provide you with financial relief to deal with it.

How to Keep Your Premiums Low

Home insurance in Hendersonville shouldn't be something to skimp on, but there are ways to save money on your monthly premiums. Here are some tips:

  • Plan renovations carefully: The type of improvements you make to your property can affect your insurance rates, particularly regarding the materials you use. Wooden structures cost more to insure than fire-resistant cement or steel-framed structures. Other additions with high injury potential, such as trampolines or swimming pools, can also increase insurance costs.
  • Install safety systems: Proof of certain safety devices can lower your insurance rates, including the following:
    • CO detectors, dead-bolt locks, interior sprinkler systems, and certain types of weatherproofing
    • anti-theft systems with central monitoring
    • smoke alarm installation in older homes where they are not standard
  • Increase your deductible: The higher deductible, the lower your annual premium will be. The trouble with a high deductible is that small claims, such as minor leaks or broken windows, will usually be the homeowner's responsibility because the cost of the damage is less than the amount of the deductible. These little fixes can add up over time.
  • Pay your mortgage off: This may not be an easy thing to accomplish just to achieve a lower premium, but it is a good goal to have. Insurers charge lower premiums for homeowners without a mortgage payment because they assume the house will be better cared for when it's fully owned.
  • Utilize bundling discounts: A discount of 10% or more is often extended to customers who utilize multiple insurance products from the same provider.
  • Conduct regular policy reviews: Improvements to your home's features can impact the rates of your home insurance in Hendersonville and increase its insurable value, so it's a wise move to conduct regular reviews of your property and your policy. Conduct regular value assessments of your property and note changes to the neighborhood that could provide potential discounts, such as the addition of fire hydrants.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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