Auto Insurance in Dayton, OH

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Discover the Birthplace of Aviation

The city of Dayton has a sprawling urban center that is surrounded by several close-knit neighborhoods. While it is considered the birthplace of aviation becomes it was the home of the Wright brothers, the city is still making a name for itself thanks to the inventors, dreamers and innovators who call it home. Residents of Dayton have an unmistakable optimism that is fueled by resilience and vitality. Though it an epicenter for aerospace and international air travel, Dayton is also an innovative hub of emerging technologies and home to several large manufacturing business.

Even though Dayton can be defined by its impressive history and numerous business opportunities, it is the community of people who give this city something worth talking about. Most residents are living the American dream. This town has received attention from leading national newspapers and magazines for its rich and devoted work of attracting immigrants and integrating them into the community. The more than 2,500 manufacturing companies in the area give Dayton a powerful presence in the national Makers Movement, and the leadership of the community is committed to moving Dayton toward a more sustainable future.

Whether coming and going from one of the many parks or recreation spaces or heading to the National Museum of the Air Force, the busy streets and interstates are filled with people looking to enjoy what this bustling metropolis has to offer. Travel is convenient around the city, and the close connections to Interstates 70, 75 and 675 make it easy to head out other locations around Ohio. Prioritize safety while you travel and be sure to turn to VIU by HUB for car insurance in Dayton OH.

Your Responsibility for Purchasing Car Insurance in Dayton OH

Ohio laws requires that anyone driving a motor vehicle have car insurance and with specific minimum coverages. These minimums include:

  • Injury/death of one person ($25,000)
  • Injury/death two or more people ($50,000)
  • Property damage per accident ($25,000)

Proof of insurance is required during a vehicle inspection, at an accident scene or during a traffic stop, and failing to carry proof of insurance or carrying coverage that meets these minimums could result in steep fine and potential license revocation. Our VIU by HUB brokers know the importance of complying with state laws, but they also know that having car insurance in Dayton, Ohio is about being responsible for the financial health of your family.

Your Expenses Without Car Insurance in Dayton OH

Car insurance is the financial fail-safe that takes care of the common expenses incurred by a car accident. Because Ohio in not a no-fault state for motor vehicle accidents, the driver who caused the accident or who is found to be at fault for the incident is liable for the injuries and damages sustained. Car insurance helps bear the weight of this financial responsibility, but simply carrying the minimum coverage amounts could still leave a lot left to be paid out-of-pocket. In addition to paying for damages from an accident, car insurance also helps with issues of weather-related damage, theft or vandalism.

VIU by HUB’s brokers realize the burden of having to pay for car repairs out-of-pocket, especially when these repairs occur unexpectedly. Rather than hope your state-required minimums will alleviate the financial stress of paying for a new windshield on a car or for a third party’s hospital bills, you can be confident in the customized policy that our experienced brokers present.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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