Home Insurance in Greensboro, NC

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Insure Your Guilford County Home

Homes in Greensboro, NC can incur damage from a variety of causes. Greensboro home insurance is helpful for reducing out-of-pocket costs for cleaning up and restoring damage caused by covered perils such as fires, storms and some forms of water damage. A VIU by HUB insurance broker can help you compare policies that have premiums and deductibles that fit your budget and limits that correspond to the value of your home in Guilford County, North Carolina.

What Home Insurance Covers

When a residence suffers damage caused by a peril that a home insurance policy covers, the homeowner can often expect to pay less out of pocket to clean up, restore or rebuild a property. Some of the most common risks in Greensboro include fire damage, water damage during the approximately 75 nights per year on which temperatures are at or below freezing and storm damage due to cold-air damming, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Learn more about three major types of covered perils:

  • Fire damage: The average cost to repair fire damage is about $12,000, but a total loss can cost tens or hundreds of thousands more. Check the terms and limits of Greensboro, North Carolina home insurance to make sure you have coverage sufficient for the value of your home.
  • Water damage: Water damage that takes place indoors can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage. Most homeowners insurance excludes water damage originating from outside sources such as flooding or sewer backups.
  • Storm damage: Coverage for storm damage is also an essential part of home insurance. Homeowners can work with a VIU by HUB broker to ensure the limits of this coverage are suitable for a residence in Greensboro, Guilford County or the Piedmont Triad region.

Comprehensive Coverage In Greensboro, NC

VIU by HUB insurance brokers offer a variety of personal coverage options. In addition to Greensboro home insurance, you may also want separate coverage for high-dollar, rare or unique items inside your home. Homeowners insurance tends to have a limited amount of coverage for damaged contents or losses, and additional coverage in the following areas can offer more peace of mind:

  • Fine art: If you display fine art in your Greensboro home, you should consider fine art insurance. A broker can help you assess the value of art and get the coverage you need.
  • Jewelry insurance: Jewelry is among the most expensive items that are kept in many homes. Insurance policies for these items can take the burden off of coverage for contents under a homeowners policy in the event that these assets are damaged or stolen.
  • Personal umbrella: A VIU by HUB broker may recommend a personal umbrella policy to raise the liability limit of homeowners insurance. These policies provide personal coverage while at home or away.
  • Flood insurance: As mentioned above, flooding is excluded from most home insurance policies. You can get a separate flood insurance policy to protect against flooding due to heavy rain or rising surface water.
  • Sewer coverage: Sewer backups introduce highly contaminated water into a residence. A rider or endorsement can restore this coverage cut out of most homeowners policies.

VIU by HUB insurance brokers can help Greensboro homeowners build policies that protect these valuable assets and the contents inside. The median home value in this city is $224,000, up more than 11% year over year, which makes it wise to protect an investment in residential property in Greensboro, North Carolina.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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