Are you meeting the diverse needs of your customers?

Elevating relocation with VIU by HUB & Altair Global

Faced with a changing market and diverse customer needs – a not uncommon situation today – Altair Global partnered with VIU by HUB to offer insurance to their relocation customers.

See how VIU by HUB’s innovative insurance services have enhanced Altair Global’s customer experience and service diversification.


Key takeaways:

  • Altair Global, a prominent player in the relocation industry, faced challenges in meeting the diverse needs of its customer base spanning five generations – including relocating workers and their families – requiring a tailored approach.
  • Altair Global partnered with VIU by HUB, an omnichannel platform offering innovative solutions that seamlessly embedded insurance services into the customer relocation process.
  • The collaboration included joint development, customizable policy options and early introduction to VIU by HUB's insurance-quoting services, leading to a unified experience for Altair Global's clients.
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With 45% of Americans find moving to be the most stressful event in life*, explore how Altair Global exceeded customer expectations amidst economic upheavals – including rising insurance costs and insurance availability.

*Anderer, J. (2020, October 1). Moving is more stressful than getting divorce, becoming a parent, survey finds. Study Finds.