Helping students, alumni and employees navigate personal insurance with ease

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Highlands Community Charter School, a Sacramento-based school offering a high school education and workforce readiness for adult learners, focuses on giving its students the tools they need to become self-sufficient and bring about generational change. This goes beyond a high school diploma. It requires providing guidance and support in all areas of life.

One of those areas is personal insurance. Too often, consumers are unknowingly underinsured. This can be devastating financially if an auto accident or natural catastrophe occurs. The key to reducing this risk and avoiding the resulting financial pressures is education. However, finding unbiased advice can be difficult.

Recognizing this gap, Highlands sought out a partner that could help its community navigate the personal insurance market with ease while offering adequate protection and affordability. Enter VIU by HUB, an omni-channel insurance brokerage platform. Through this partnership, Highlands students, alumni and family gain access to a team of licensed and independent agents who can provide neutral and trusted advice on the types of coverage needed, the carrier options available and help anticipate future needs.

For Highlands, the ability to do this effortlessly is key. VIU’s technical capabilities allow the platform to be easily embedded within the systems of partner organizations, such as Highlands, enabling them to provide added value to their communities without being experts on insurance themselves.

Additionally, a partnership with VIU also helps generate ancillary revenue, which will allow Highlands to further support its mission to provide a free high school education to adults in the Sacramento area.