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Auburn is in Lee County. As of 2023, it has just over 83,000 residents. That is showing a significant increase in population that residents can expect to continue to see. This increase is likely due to the opportunities for professionals to make more income than the state average. This has made the majority of Auburn into an affluent area, although there is still a high poverty rate in some areas of the city. 

According to Data USA. of these people, just over 35,000 of them are employed. Of these, 78.6% drive to work alone, 7.9% carpool and 6.45% work from home. That's putting approximately 29,000 cars on the road as people drive to work each day. However, there are not quite 28,000 households in Auburn and the majority of them have two cars. The rest of these vehicles are also on the road as people drive to stores, entertainment and other locations. 

The people who do drive to work, spend an average of 20 minutes on their commute one-way. That means that they are exposed to the potential for an accident for around 40 minutes each day due to work. They are also exposed longer as they drive to other locations. Despite this exposure, there is a lower-than-average crash rate in this city, which helps keep rates lower and drivers safer. Drivers in this area can use VIU by HUB to ensure they get rates that are even lower than normal. 

Average Rates for Auburn, AL, Car Insurance

Auburn, AL, car insurance averages around $1,300 a year or $108 per month. This price is lower than the state average because the city has a low population density and fewer accidents per driver. To get minimum coverage, the average driver will pay around $1,100 a year. Those looking for full coverage can expect to pay around $3,900 a year. Teen drivers pay an average of $2,000 a year. Senior drivers pay around $500 a year. 

Overview of Public Transportation

Public transportation options are virtually limited to people using their cars on the city streets in Auburn. There are few alternatives to driving in this city. However, the city also recognizes that people can walk, ride bikes, take buses, ride trains or fly as part of their commute. That's why Auburn created the CompPlan 2030. This is an attempt to create more accessible public transportation routes within Auburn by 2030. 

CompPlan 2030 is also an attempt to integrate the city into the megaregion known as the Piedmont Atlantic Region. This region runs from Raleigh, North Carolina, through Atlanta, Georgia, and ends in Birmingham, Alabama. As the population in this region grows, so does the need for more integrated public transportation systems, like the one they are implementing in Auburn. That will make it safer for drivers in the region to move between cities, which could lower rates even further. 

The rates you pay for your Auburn, AL, car insurance vary by a lot of different factors. The way insurance companies weigh these factors varies, so you'll get different rates for each one. Therefore, you should use VIU by HUB to shop around for car insurance and ensure you get the best price. In just a few clicks, you can compare quotes from insurers in your area, which will save you time and money. 

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