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Defend Your House With Home Insurance in Madison, AL

Madison, AL, is home to almost 60,000 people. With the number of people on the rise in this city, the necessity for home insurance in Madison, AL will continue to rise. 

That is especially true since this area could be a target for thieves. The average income for households in Madison is over $110,000. which is well above the national average. 

Additionally, the average cost of a house in Madison is over $350,000. That's significantly higher than the state and national average. 

Average Home Value

As mentioned, the average cost of homes in Madison is significantly higher than in other locations. That means that homeowners can expect to pay more for insurance than they would in other locations. 

Average Rates

The average annual rate for home insurance in Madison, AL, is $2,175. The average monthly rate is $181. 

Best Insurance Companies

You can use VIU by HUB to search through the companies that offer coverage in the Madison area to find the best rates for you. This tool will also let you choose what type of policy you want. That means you can go beyond getting protection for your structure and protect your personal belongings inside of the dwelling. 

Comparison With National Average

As mentioned, the average cost of home insurance in Madison is $2,175. That's significantly higher than the national average. In Madison, you can also expect your rates to vary based on your credit score. The companies here give you a credit-based insurance score that incorporates your traditional credit score and affects your rates. 

Comparison With State Average

Insurance prices vary within the state. However, if you live in Madison, you can expect to pay less than the state average for insurance. 

Cheapest Insurance Rates

When you use VIU by HUB, you can find the cheapest insurance rates out there. If all of the factors are in your favor, you could pay as little as $1,200 per year on insurance. 


Alabama is on the Gulf Coast, which makes it susceptible to hurricanes. When hurricanes pass over Alabama, they can also cause hurricanes. That can seriously damage a home. Before you purchase any insurance policy, read the fine print about hurricanes. Usually, they will cover damage from high winds, but hurricane damage may be excluded. 


The area is also prone to heavy rains, which can cause flooding. Standard home insurance doesn't cover flooding, so you should consider flood insurance. To know if flood insurance is recommended for your area, go onto the FEMA flood zone maps and see what the rating is for your property. That said, you may want to purchase it no matter what zone you're in because flooding can occur anywhere. 


Madison is in Dixie Alley. The high winds of tornadoes can cause serious damage to houses. Most home insurance policies cover damage due to a tornado. That said, you want to review your policy to make sure you're covered appropriately. Some policies have extra deductibles for tornadoes that can leave you with more expenses than you expected. 

VIU by HUB makes finding the right insurance policy easy. You can use this tool to compare a variety of policies to find the best rates. It's the same effect as shopping around, without the pain of doing so. You just enter information about your situation and see what the results are. Then, you can get the coverage you need and stay within your budget. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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