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Explore Salina With Ample Protection

The CityGo fixed bus route system serves about 80% of the city. However, most people prefer the freedom and convenience of driving downtown to visit the Smoky Hill Museum, Rolling Hills Zoo and other downtown sites. You can access over 1,134 parking spaces and ample on-street parking downtown. Many residents enjoy driving downtown, parking and perusing the city on foot.

A car allows you to pick up guests at Salina's regional airport, visit the major league baseball field and take a road trip to Reno County's biggest city, Hutchinson, home to the Kansas State Fair and Hutchinson Zoo.

Drivers in Salina, Kansas, must remain aware of inclement weather that can cause severe damage to their vehicles. Salina is at a high risk for tornado damage, with the city experiencing an average of two yearly tornados. Cars left outside a garage or carport may experience wind, rain and hail damage. VIU by HUB can help you compare policies that include wind and hail damage.

Seek Tailored Car Insurance

Car insurance in Salina, Kansas, costs drivers about $416 per month or $1,878 per year. However, the overall cost of insurance depends on your specific circumstances. Insurance companies determine rates based on the age and experience of the driver, the model and make of the vehicle, the driver's overall record and the location.

Your overall cost also depends on which add-ons you include. There are a number of common add-ons for car insurance.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance provides emergency services in the case of breakdowns or flat tires experienced on the road. Some standard roadside services are fuel delivery, jump starts, on-site repair, locksmithing and towing.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance helps cover the costs of a leased vehicle. For example, if you experience an accident that totals your car, gap insurance can help protect what you owe the dealership while allowing you to replace your vehicle.

Windshield Repair

Windshields can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Vandalism, stray rocks and hail can all cause damage that may not be covered by a standard policy.

Discover Regulations and Optional Coverages for Car Insurance in Salina

Kansas law requires minimum auto coverage for all drivers. While basic policies may be required by law, most drivers expand on the coverage to better protect themselves and their assets.

Kansas drivers must purchase liability coverage to cover expenses associated with injuries to another person. Minimum coverage includes $50,000 per accident, $25,000 per person and $25,000 for property damage.

In addition to liability coverage, Kansas drivers need personal injury protection. PIP applies regardless of fault and covers medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses and loss of services. At a minimum, drivers must carry $4,500 for medical expenses per person.

Last, Kansas requires drivers to have uninsured bodily injury. Uninsured bodily injury protects you in case the other driver does not have insurance.

Optional coverages that drivers may want to consider include:

  • Rental reimbursement: Covers rental car charges per day while your vehicle undergoes repairs
  • Excess medical payments coverage: Coverage for excess medical amounts over those paid under PIP and Kansas no-fault benefits
  • Umbrella liability: Includes an additional $1 million to $5 million of liability coverage beyond your primary policy

Learn What Affects Your Rates for Car Insurance in Salina

Depending on your choice of policy, you discover various discount options. For instance, drivers with a safe record and those with vehicles with a higher safety rating may have more affordable options. To help you make an informed decision, VIU by HUB provides quote comparisons from multiple providers for car insurance in Salina.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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