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Living Life Within College Park, MD

College Park, MD, is a suburban college town featuring the famous University of Maryland and the oldest continuously running airport. Life in College Park is convenient; everything is nearby and within walking or biking distance. You can visit local parks and trails. Find yourself wandering down Paint Branch Trail's heavily lined paths or venture down to the scenic Lake Artemesia. College Park offers the quiet of the suburbs but the busyness of a college town, with various local small businesses, coffee shops and restaurants.

Cost of Living and Home Insurance in College Park

In College Park, the average annual earnings per job is approximately $69,500. with a regional workforce of about 30,513. Of the 34,961 residents in College Park, some commute to Washington, D.C., while many have job opportunities within the city. In fact, D.C. Metrobus service runs into College Park, allowing workers and visitors to access the nation's capital easily. The University of Maryland is one of the main features and contributors to the town's economy, providing jobs to adult residents and students.

The median home price in College Park is about $419,469. with options that range from historical family homes to modern construction. No matter where you lay your head, you deserve comprehensive insurance that protects your entire house and the assets within. On average, you can expect to pay higher insurance costs in College Park compared to Maryland's average. However, VIU by HUB can help you find specific, custom prices.

Peril vs All-Risk Policies

When you choose home insurance in College Park, you can select between named-peril policies and all-risk policies. While some may offer similar coverages, the setup and cost are different.

Named-Peril Policies

A named-peril policy tends to be more affordable than an all-risk policy because it lists precisely what coverage you have. If the policy does not name a specific coverage, you don't have it. Common named perils include vandalism, personal liability, explosion and theft.

All-Risk Policies

All-risk policies provide the most comprehensive coverage. Essentially, all-risk policies do not list what they cover but, instead, they list what they do not cover. For instance, your all-risk policy may include wear and tear, termites, earthquake or sewer-backup coverage.

Common Add-On Coverages for Home Insurance in College Park

No matter where you live, there are basic home insurance plans and endorsements that you can include. Your endorsements, or add-ons, depend heavily on your specific circumstances and the risks associated with your home. Some insurance providers may even offer you a deal to bundle different coverages.

Foundation Water Damage

Rain and snowfall can cause extensive damage to your home. Since Maryland experiences snowy winters, melting snow infiltrating the home's foundation is a risk. If water pools around your foundation and results in cracking or underground leaks, basic coverage will not likely cover you.

Buried Utility Coverage

If you have water, gas, sewage or power lines buried on your property, buried utility coverage will cover the loss or damage of the utility lines. The coverage typically covers wear and tear, freezing, mechanical breakdown and the weight of animals, people and equipment.

Extended Reconstruction

If you must rebuild your home, your insurance may not cover the total cost. Extended-reconstruction-cost coverage accounts for cases where rebuilding your home costs more than expected.

As you research various insurance opportunities, VIU by HUB can help you compare the cost of home insurance in College Park. Comparing policies allows you to remain within your budget while providing optimal protection for your home.

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