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Get Peace of Mind With Ann Arbor Home Insurance

Like other Midwestern college towns, Ann Arbor offers plenty of entertainment and dining options for residents to enjoy. Additionally, its excellent school systems make it a desirable place to buy a home and establish roots. Home insurance in Ann Arbor helps protect your investment and brings peace of mind that you have coverage if disaster strikes.

Ann Arbor and other Michigan cities are growing thanks to their resiliency in the face of a warming climate. However, the 45.5% of residents who own a home here are not exempt from weather risks. Hail, ice and snow damage are major causes of home insurance claims. Additionally, Ann Arbor faces a much higher risk of tornados than the rest of Michigan, with a tornado index value of 239.55 compared to Michigan's 140.33 and a national value of 136.45.

Combined, these risks increase the need for home insurance that covers Ann Arbor homes against losses related to severe weather. This may mean purchasing additional coverage, such as flood insurance, to address the moderate risk of flooding in Ann Arbor over the next 30 years.

Choosing Coverage Options for Your Ann Arbor Home

Every homeowners' insurance policy features several coverage options. The most commonly included coverages are:

  • Dwelling: This portion of your policy pays to repair or replace the primary house on your property after a covered loss, such as hail or wind damage, a fire or vandalism.
  • Other structures: This coverage is similar to that for dwellings, but it covers accessory buildings such as sheds, detached garages or barns.
  • Liability: If someone becomes injured in your home through an act of negligence, the liability portion of your home insurance in Ann Arbor will pay for medical care and other related expenses.
  • Medical Payments: This pays for care related to smaller medical claims that do not involve negligence.
  • Temporary housing: This pays for expenses related to temporary housing if your primary home becomes uninhabitable because of a covered loss. It includes costs such as hotel stays, rent and meals.

Some homeowners in Ann Arbor might choose to purchase additional coverage to protect against additional risks. For example, flood insurance might be advisable if you are in one of the houses at risk of flooding, or you might choose to add a personal article rider for high-value items. Working with VIU by HUB, you can quickly find available options from various providers.

Understanding the Costs of Home Insurance in Ann Arbor

According to MarketWatch, the average price of home insurance in Ann Arbor is $2,149.79, which is slightly lower than the national average of $2,417.10 per year. These estimates include $350,000 in dwelling coverage, which coincides with the average value of an owner-occupied home in the area of slightly above $366,000.

Ultimately, the price you pay for a home policy will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The cost of replacing your home
  • Your claims history
  • Any high-value items included in the coverage
  • Family pets

Additionally, you can often save on a policy by investing in security features or taking advantage of discounts. VIU by HUB can help you identify potential areas for savings so you get the most value for your premium dollars.

Finding home insurance in Ann Arbor doesn't need to be complicated. Our online tool at VIU by HUB will provide you with several quotes so you can compare coverage options and costs and find a policy that protects your investment without taxing your budget.

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