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True to its name, Maple Grove is rich in parkland, trees and natural backdrops. At the same time, I-94, I-494, Hwy 610 and many high-traffic streets travel through this Minneapolis suburb. If your family is one of the 27,000 households that live in Maple Grove, it's good to stop and smell the roses at area parks. Just make sure you have dependable auto insurance to keep everyone safe.

Enjoy This Quiet City to the Fullest

Maple Grove was practically made for families with kids and teens. Not surprisingly, out of its 70,000 residents, about 25% are under age 18. You can reach many family-friendly destinations just a short drive from home:

  • Over 1,000 acres of parks
  • More than 36 miles of trails
  • Seven lakes for swimming and boating
  • Countless spots for hiking and biking
  • Locations for skiing and other winter fun

A few popular places to spend a day include Fish Lake Regional Park, Elm Creek and the Maple Grove Arboretum.

Get Enough Car Insurance Coverage for Your Family

Basic car insurance meets legal requirements for driving, but it doesn't necessarily provide the coverage your family needs. When selecting car insurance in Maple Grove, keep the following types of coverage in mind:

  • Personal injury protection: This type of coverage can help with medical expenses for you and family members in the car, helping you recover after a serious crash.
  • Collision insurance: A surprising number of car accidents in Maple Grove involve vehicles sliding off the road and colliding with stationary objects. Collision coverage helps with car repairs or replacement.
  • Comprehensive coverage: One of the points of comprehensive car insurance is to reimburse you for vehicle damage from fallen trees, hail and other storm-related accidents.

Even if your current car insurance includes these areas of coverage, you should take the time to check your policy limits. Medical bills can get expensive quickly. Use VIU by HUB to see exactly what different insurers include in each type of policy.

Choose Car Insurance in Maple Grove Based on Local Risks

There's no question that you need to prepare for the possibility of car accidents. In 2022, the Maple Grove area had more than 15,000 car accidents. This equals more than 250 crashes each week.

In contrast, the area is outstanding when it comes to crime. There are usually only 50 auto theft cases per 100,000 residents annually, in contrast with 200 or 300 cases in other suburbs in the metro area, such as Apple Valley or Burnsville. You may not need as much theft coverage for your vehicle.

Stay Safe During Your Commute

If you're like the majority of drivers in Maple Grove, you probably take a personal vehicle to work. Almost 75% of locals drive alone, which accounts for more than 25,000 households. In comparison, only 2.5% of workers use metro buses for commuting.

Commuting in a car, truck or SUV is faster and more convenient than mass transit. That said, you need good car insurance in Maple Grove any time you hit the road, especially if you have a 25- or 35-minute commute each way.

Save Money When You Can

The average cost of car insurance in Maple Grove is about $1,500 a year for full coverage, close to the state average. The most expensive auto insurance policy isn't necessarily the best. You need to balance price with coverage to find the right option for your family. VIU by HUB puts a lot of valuable information in the palm of your hand.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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