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Hattiesburg: The Hub of Southern Mississippi

With a population of nearly 50,000 residents, Hattiesburg is one of the largest cities in Mississippi. It's known for its diverse population and historic neighborhoods, and it's also the home of both William Carey University and the University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg has several art galleries, theaters and museums, including the African American Military History Museum. Residents can easily travel around the city and region with access to several major highways, local transit, an Amtrak station and an airport.

Driving in the Hattiesburg Area

Although Hattiesburg has a fairly extensive mass transit system, most residents rely on personal vehicles for regular trips. More than 78% commute in their own cars and about 8% carpool with others according to Sperling's Best Places. The average commute time in Hattiesburg is just 17 minutes, while the average U.S. employee travels for more than 26 minutes to get to work.

Several federal highways pass through the city including I-59, US-11, US-49 and US-98. State routes in Hattiesburg include MS-24, MS-42, MS-198 and MS-589. Some sources even call Hattiesburg "the Hub" because it offers fast access to so many major thoroughfares.

Potential Issues for Hattiesburg Drivers

Mississippi consistently ranks among the states with the highest rates of auto accident fatalities. Many of these incidents involved distracted driving or lack of seatbelt use. Driving under the influence is also a serious concern on local roadways.

In addition, Hattiesburg has a higher-than-average rate of property crimes, including auto theft and vandalism. The city sees about 4.5 of these incidents per 100 residents each year, about twice the state rate of 2.38 and the national rate of 2.11. You can protect your vehicle from theft and related damage with comprehensive car insurance in Hattiesburg, MS. Find reasonable rates by comparing quotes with VIU by HUB.

Average Auto Insurance Cost in Hattiesburg

The average cost of car insurance in Hattiesburg, MS, is $1,705 per year according to Bankrate. In comparison, the average annual premium for full coverage across Mississippi is $1,771, although you could pay around $446 for minimum coverage. The U.S. average increases by about 14% to $2,014 per year for full coverage.

A variety of factors affect the cost of auto insurance. For example, you may pay more if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of claims or if you're a new driver. If you have a strong driving record, you will probably pay less for coverage.

Auto Insurance Laws in Mississippi

Mississippi requires drivers to have at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury liability along with $25,000 per accident in property damage liability. If you cause an accident, these policies pay for costs incurred by the other driver and any passengers. You may want to increase your liability limits to avoid paying significant out-of-pocket costs in this type of incident.

The state Department of Insurance also encourages drivers to buy uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. This policy pays for your costs if you have an accident with a driver who doesn't have sufficient insurance, regardless of fault. Other optional policies include comprehensive coverage for non-collision incidents and collision coverage to pay for damage from an accident. If you have a car loan, your lender may require you to carry these policies to protect the value of the vehicle.

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