Auto Insurance in Hendersonville, TN

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Driving in Hendersonville, Tennessee, (TN)

The beautiful suburb of Hendersonville is nestled into the green hills of Middle Tennessee, (TN). The lake life in Hendersonville is a big draw to area residents, along with several parks, restaurants, and shopping venues. While many of Hendersonville's citizens live and work in the town, many commute to nearby Nashville, which is also a big draw on the weekends with its professional sports teams and plethora of restaurants and cultural activities. Residents own an average of two cars per household, and VIU by HUB has the local expertise to help them obtain solid car insurance in Hendersonville, TN.

Why You Need Car Insurance in Hendersonville

There are approximately 49,400 residents of driving age living in Hendersonville, TN. Statistically, 3% of those drivers will get in an accident each year. While that percentage may seem low, if you are one of those 1500 people caught in an accident, you will want insurance to lessen the financial impact for the following reasons:

  • Meet legal requirements. Tennessee requires drivers to carry liability insurance in the following amounts:
    • $25,000 to cover each injury or death per accident
    • $50,000 to cover total injuries or deaths per accident
    • $15,000 to cover property damage per accident
  • Compensate someone for an accident that you caused. If you cause an accident, you are responsible for the damages and injuries not only to yourself, your passengers, and your own property, but to the driver, passengers, and property of the other vehicle. Without insurance, those expenses could easily overwhelm your financial situation.
  • Compensate for an accident that isn't your fault. In this situation, you're thankful that liability insurance is required in Tennessee. If you had to wait for the results of a lawsuit, it could take years to receive compensation for damages or injury sustained in an accident. Insurance can generally pay out in a matter of weeks.
  • Protect the asset for your auto lender. If you lease your car or purchased it with a loan, the lender will require collision and comprehensive coverage to protect the vehicle in the event of an accident or non-collision damage.

Debunking Common Myths

As you shop for car insurance in Hendersonville, TN, be aware of misinformation that persists about insurance policies. Here are some common myths, debunked:

  • Myth: If you get in an accident, your policy can be cancelled. This is false. Your policy cannot be cancelled before its expiration date unless you commit fraud or fail to pay your premiums on time.
  • Myth: Car insurance rates increase as you age. Auto insurance average cost declines yearly between the ages of 17 and 64. After 64, you may pay more for coverage, but there are available discounts at age 65 that could offset those costs.
  • Myth: Red cars are more expensive to insure. This is false. Studies show no correlation between premium rates and car color. If you are a safe and experienced driver, your premiums will be reasonable regardless of the color of your vehicle.
  • Myth: Adding rental car coverage protects you when you rent a car. Rental car coverage on your policy pays for a rental while your car is being repaired. To ensure coverage when you rent a car, your best bet is to obtain coverage through the rental company.
  • Myth: If you lend out your car, your insurance will cover any accidents caused by that driver. Somewhat false. You'll need to know how your insurer handles this issue, but generally a policy will pay for property damage, but not personal injuries. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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