Auto Insurance in Jackson, TN

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Top 7 Things to Do Before Purchasing Car Insurance

Signing up for car insurance in Jackson, TN, is critical for protecting yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle in case of an accident. Many people aren't sure what to do the first time that they discuss auto insurance for Madison County's seat, which is a manufacturing hub. While your insurance broker can walk you through the whole process, speed up your application by completing these steps before your consultation.

1. Learn About Tennessee's Laws

All Jackson drivers must follow Tennessee's car insurance laws, which require you to have coverage if you can't prove that you have enough money to take care of any accidents you cause. That way, when you're cruising down Highway 412, Old Hickory Boulevard, or Vann Drive, you don't need to worry about what happens to your finances if an uninsured motorist hits you.

The penalties for driving uninsured in Jackson are strict. You may be fined $300 and receive a Class C misdemeanor charge. Other penalties include losing your driving privileges, having your car towed, and paying extra fees to regain your driver's license. To avoid facing these charges, sign up for at least $50,000 in medical liability coverage and $15,000 in property damage coverage.

2. Look Up Your Driving Record

When you apply for car insurance in Jackson, TN, your broker researches your driving history to see how many traffic violations you have. Minor speeding tickets are unlikely to be a big problem, but points on your driver's license or reckless driving arrests could bump up your premiums or cost you coverage. Reach out to the Jackson Department of Motor Vehicles to get a copy of your driving record and see if you can improve it by taking a safe driving course.

3. Get Details on All Plan Members

Your insurance broker will ask how many drivers you want on your plan. You can only insure yourself, or you can add your spouse, any kids who drive, and other residents with licenses. Bring their dates of birth and driver's license numbers to your consultation.

4. Check Your Car's Safety Features

Putting up with broken parts on your car may drive down your repair bills, but it makes your insurance provider less eager to cover you. Take your car to the mechanic and have it thoroughly inspected. Address all glaring safety issues, such as broken seat belts and brake lights, before applying for car insurance in Jackson, TN.

5. Think About Your Credit Score

Many car owners don't realize that their credit scores can be a factor in their auto insurance premiums. Ask your insurance provider whether it will perform a hard or soft credit check to determine how much of a risk you present.

6. Consider Optional Policies

Medical and property damage liability insurance are required in Tennessee, but there are many other kinds of policies you can add. Consider purchasing collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection coverage for the maximum security.

7. Talk to Your Car Loan Provider

Some banks and alternative lenders require their clients to get extra levels of car insurance in Jackson, TN. Your lender may also mandate that you get a policy with higher limits than Tennessee's requirements. Figure out what's involved in your car loan contract so that you and your broker can tailor your insurance to your lender's expectations. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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