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Most of us have a clear understanding of the general purpose of car insurance: financial protection in case of an accident. This basic protection can be supplemented with a variety of additional coverages for added protection. The level of coverage that you have is a personal decision based on your risk tolerance and financial situation among other considerations.

There are many reasons to have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Most notably, your lender likely requires it. Beyond that, it expands your financial safety net in some perhaps unexpected ways. Here are eight surprising things car insurance covers when you have comprehensive coverage or the right add-ons.

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Natural disasters

Homeowners insurance often excludes natural disaster damage. That’s not the case here. Mother Nature is no match for a comprehensive car insurance policy. Damages caused by earthquakes, floods, tornados and even volcanic eruptions are covered. It’s wise to prepare your car for a possible natural disaster, but know that you’ll be covered for them regardless.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, 15% of fires in the U.S. are vehicle fires. It may sound like a small number, but it’s not much smaller than residential fires (25% of fires in the U.S.) and you wouldn’t consider a homeowners policy that didn’t protect you in case of fire. Why have an auto policy without that same protection?


Vandalism includes intentional and unintentional acts like slashed tires, broken windows, spray paint and paint damage from keys. Your comprehensive policy will cover those repairs to keep your car looking good and running well. It’ll even cover repairs resulting from sugar being put in your gas tank.

Falling objects

This includes almost anything that can fall from the sky. This includes hail, tree limbs and balls from the neighbor’s baseball game. These damages would be covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Riot activity

As residents of many cities across the U.S. can attest, you can’t always prepare for a riot. They may seem unlikely, but even safe public events like a parade can result in chaos and disorderly behavior. In these cases, the best thing you can do is have an insurance policy that covers these damages so you can focus on keeping yourself safe.

Collisions with nature

Drivers throughout the country risk hitting local wildlife. Whether your local risk is deer or armadillo, you know that damage to your car can be extensive. You may also be glad to know that your car is covered for damage caused by larger animals, like a moose or bear, becoming interested in the contents of your vehicle.


In the unlucky event that a car thief targets you, your comprehensive car insurance policy will cover the car itself. You’ll likely be reimbursed the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the theft. However, in order to be paid out for the items that were inside the vehicle at the time it was stolen, you’ll need to file a claim with your homeowners or renters insurance company.

Windshield damage

Did you know that it might be illegal to drive with windshield damage? Local laws vary so check if it’s true for your area. Regardless, driving with a cracked windshield can impair your ability to see the road and make you a hazard to yourself and to other drivers. That’s why many policies will pay for windshield crack repair or replacement.


For these eight reasons, along with our years of experience helping customers through claims, we see value in all drivers exploring all insurance options. If you’re interested in seeing how comprehensive coverage can protect you and your vehicle from life’s unforeseen events, the VIU by HUB Advisory Team can walk you through your existing policy and inform you of any gaps in your coverage that could be leaving you vulnerable.

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