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What Makes Muncie Special

Located in the Indianapolis metro area, Muncie, Indiana, is a small city of just over 65,000 residents. It's a strong place for small businesses and has several major employers like Ball State University and IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. The city has several performing arts centers, and it's the home of the NCAA Division I Ball State Cardinals. In addition to job opportunities, the affordable cost of living and impressive property appreciation may have you searching for home insurance in Muncie.

Making the Move to Muncie

Buying a home in Muncie could save you up to 65% over the median U.S. home prices, according to data from Sperling's Best Places. The city's median home cost is just $123,900, which is also significantly less than Indiana's average home prices. In addition, annual appreciation is at nearly 75%, which means it could be a smart time to enter the Muncie property market. VIU by HUB can help you find the right coverage for your new home with our smart online quote tool.

Possible Property Issues in Muncie

Indiana homeowners should be aware of the potential for severe weather. According to the National Weather Service, Muncie may experience windstorms, hail, tornados and freezing temperatures. all of which can potentially wreak havoc on your home. Your home insurance in Muncie may require a separate hail and wind deductible to account for the risk of these issues.

Muncie's property crime level exceeds both the state and national average. The city has a rate of about 3.33 of these incidents per 100 residents each year, according to Sperling's Best Places. In comparison, the U.S. rate is 2.11, and the Indiana rate of property crimes is just 1.79. If you buy a home here, shopping for insurance with VIU by HUB can help you find affordable rates on coverage that protects your personal property from theft and vandalism.

The Cost of Home Insurance in Muncie

Muncie residents pay about $132 per month or $1,585 a year for homeowner's coverage, according to data from Nerdwallet. You'll likely save money compared to both the national average of $1,820 per year and the annual Indiana average of $1,610. Muncie's low cost of housing drives insurance savings for many homeowners.

Every insurance company has its own formula for pricing policies. You may find dramatically different rates from one provider to the next. Costs also vary depending on the crime rates and weather data in your specific Muncie ZIP code. Comparing rates with VIU by HUB can help you find high-quality, affordable coverage in minutes.

Indiana Home Insurance Policies

The state does not legally require homeowner's insurance. However, the Indiana Department of Insurance recommends covering your home for at least 80% of its replacement value. In other words, if you would have to spend $300,000 to buy a similar property, you should have a homeowner's insurance policy with a value of at least $240,000.

Most home insurance policies cover you for damage caused by severe weather, fire, smoke theft and vandalism. Coverage extends to both the property and its contents. You may need to purchase additional policy riders for flood damage, expensive assets such as jewelry and other special needs.

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