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Secure Real Property and Personal Possessions with Home Insurance in South Bend

Most famous for the University of Notre Dame, South Bend has grown into a sizeable city in recent decades. It has a population of over 100,000 by itself, but in reality, it is part of a larger sub-metropolitan area that includes nearby Mishawaka and Elkhart. Relatively rapid growth and sprawling development have created housing opportunities. These developments have also led to South Bend becoming a heavily car-dependent city with a fairly low Walk Score of 42. Homeowners might do well to check that home insurance adequately covers the garage and its contents.

Keep Weather From Wreaking Havoc on Finances

With harsh Midwestern winters and relatively high to moderate risk of wind and tornado. South Bend homeowners are at the mercy of some extreme weather. It can get quite cold, especially around January, with highs around 32 degrees Fahrenheit; summers are hot and muggy. The abrupt, seasonal temperature changes in South Bend can freeze pipes, resulting in water damage, or cause building materials to expand and contract, damaging structures. The right home insurance policy would cover loss from these types of events.

Check Coverage To Ensure Protection for the Property's Intended Uses

The South Bend and Elkhart region has over 40,000 students enrolled in higher education. This renter-heavy student population combines with South Bend's median home values of over $127,000 and rents averaging around $1,800 to create an atmosphere of property investment. It bears mentioning that home insurance policies are unlikely to provide a full range of protection for landlords; Owners occupy only slightly over half of the city's residences, so this is a common concern in the area.

Cover South Bend's Major Risks With a Custom Policy

Homeowners can use VIU by HUB to obtain coverage and price information from multiple insurers simultaneously. Lenders often require insurance, but beyond that, owners need to protect their investments from the following common risks in South Bend:

  • Extreme winds that cause damage to roofs, exterior walls or outbuildings
  • Cold waves that rapidly freeze moisture in pipes or within building elements
  • Accidents that occur, injuring visitors to the property
  • Theft and other property crimes that damage or cause loss of personal property or structures

Crime, in particular, is an issue here for homeowners. There is a rate of roughly 4,200 property crimes per 100,000 people. The right policy should take this into account.

Pay the Right Amount for the Property

Depending on the zip code, home insurance in South Bend averages either a few dollars above or below $1,800 per year. These prices vary based on location, but it is more complicated than that. Here are some considerations insurers make when determining the risk of insuring a property:

  • Distance from emergency services, such as fire stations
  • Claims history of the policyholder
  • Weather, crime rates, personal injury lawsuit rates and other potential causes of loss

Home insurance only covers items explicitly stated in the policy. Owners should review the fine print to ensure they are getting what they pay for ” and what they need.

Save Money by Comparing Insurers and Policies

The hardest part about choosing an insurance policy is getting started. VIU by HUB offers a bird's-eye view of insurers, policy types and prices to make this process easier. Getting multiple quotes helps save money and get adequate home insurance in South Bend.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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