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Finding the Right Insurance for Your Lenexa Home

Known for its festivals, arts and parks, Lenexa, Kansas, is a culturally diverse community with much to offer. From a trendy downtown full of places to dine and shop to numerous historic sites and museums, there's lots to enjoy. It's also home to the Kansas State Championship, better known as the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle.  

Located in the Heartland of America near the Kansas and Missouri border, Lenexa sits in an area of the country referred to as "Tornado Alley." As one of over 58,000 residents and homeowners who live here, having home insurance in Lenexa, KS, is vital for you to protect your property from weather-related damage and other risks associated with living here. 

Average Cost of Home Insurance 

A popular suburban city, the people of Lenexa range from lifelong citizens to families and young professionals. The cost of living is also 27% higher than the rest of Kansas and 6% higher than the rest of the country. To live here comfortably as a family, the median household income is $96,477.

For many, the best part of living in Lenexa is owning a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood. While prices vary, the median price of a home is $404,300. Although home insurance in Lenexa, KS, isn't required by law, it goes a long way when it comes to protecting your residence. The average annual cost here is $2,295, which is lower than the state average but much higher than the national average of $1,820.

To ensure you have the best protection for your home, it's good practice to review your policy once a year or when you make changes to your home. If you're looking for a cheaper plan or want to shop around for a policy that offers more coverage, VIU by HUB can help you compare providers that offer home insurance in Lenexa, KS.   

Insurance Coverage Options

Most insurance policies offer the same basic protection. Specific types of coverage to look for include: 

  • Dwelling coverage - covers repairs and restoration for structures both inside and outside of your home
  • Liability protection - covers you if you are being sued for causing an injury or damaging property
  • Personal property - replaces personal items and household goods that get lost, stolen or damaged
  • Loss of use - covers food and hotel expenses when your home is unlivable due to repairs

Covering damage due to other events, such as flooding and earthquakes, requires you to add on additional coverage.   

Potential Risks to Lenexa Homes

While Lenexa is a great place to own a home, it also comes with some risks. In addition to lightning strikes, fire damage and theft, the following weather-related events could affect you and your home over the next 30 years:

  • Flooding: There is over a 26% chance that you will experience severe flooding in your area.
  • Fire: Your home may be one of 8,944 homes at-risk of being in a wildfire in the future.
  • Heat: The number of days over 107 degrees is likely to increase by 128%.

If your current insurance does not cover these risks, consider adding additional coverage for your protection. You may also be able to cut your costs by purchasing a new policy. With help from VIU by HUB, you can compare plans offered by various providers until you find home insurance in Lenexa, KS, that's right for you.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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