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Overland Park, Kansas, is the second largest city in the Kansas City metropolitan area and is well known as a haven for families and working professionals. When you settle down in Overland Park, you'll join a population of just over 200,000 people who enjoy the bustle of downtown on the weekends and the sprawling trails and hiking spots on holidays and during summer. As you make your residence a place of joy and contentment in the densely populated city, secure comprehensive home insurance in Overland Park to ease your mind about the future of your investment.

Learn More About Overland Park Demographics and Home Prices

The median age of residents in Overland Park is 37, and the median household income is almost $90,000 per year. The middle class and upper-middle class have a strong presence in the city and most people live in homes they own. In fact, the owner-occupied housing rate is 63%. which is higher than nearby Kansas City, Missouri. Whether you rent out your property or set up permanent residence, home insurance in Overland Park is going to be a top priority for your future.

Home prices in Overland Park have remained fairly stable year to year, and the market is somewhat competitive. The median sale price of a home in Overland Park is $460,000. When you own a home in Overland Park, you'll be part of a large community of people seeking comprehensive home insurance. You can use VIU by HUB to explore competitive rates and find tailored coverage to fit your needs.

Understand Overland Park Weather and Climate Risks

As a homeowner in Overland Park, it's easier to prepare for the future when you understand the risks you face. Overland Park has high humidity in the summer and below-freezing temperatures in the winter. Severe weather patterns are rare but can harm your home's infrastructure such as piping, concrete, roofing and more. Always check your home insurance policy to see how your provider plans to protect you in cases of inclement weather.

The Kansas River isn't prone to regular floods, but climate change is making rainfall more unpredictable. Out of all the properties in Overland Park, 14% are at risk of flood damage in the next 30 years. Check to see if your home insurance in Overland Park covers severe storms and wildfires, and consider whether you want to include an add-on policy for flood protection.

Explore the Cost of Home Insurance

Home insurance prices vary from place to place, and providers consider many factors before settling on a final cost. The average price of home insurance in Overland Park is $2,325 per year. This is higher than the national average, likely because of the fact that Kansas has a high risk of tornadoes and damaging hail storms. However, comparative cities such as Shawnee and Olathe feature similar insurance costs.

Protect Your Home for a Long and Happy Future 

When you have comprehensive home insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you won't have to foot the bill if your house is damaged in a fire or during a break-in. If your home has a unique feature such as an outdoor swimming pool or gazebo, you should add tailored protection to your policy. Comparing home insurance options on VIU by HUB makes it easier than ever before to find the perfect home insurance policy with the right amount of coverage at a competitive price. 

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