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Enjoy Peace of Mind With Quality Homeowners Insurance 

With its stunning redbud trees and rolling hills, is it any wonder that Independence is called the Heart of Kenton County? With a population of 28,256. the residents here enjoy a growing community with plenty of opportunities for employment, including businesses such as the global delivery giant FedEx and retail stores like Dollar General. 

79.3% of residents in Independence own a home, and if you recently purchased a property in this city, you will enjoy a variety of entertainment, education and recreation options. Take your best four-legged pal on a walk at the city's dog park or enjoy the area's many music events and festivals. Ensure your children's educational future with a selection of college prep schools, many of which have sports and leadership programs. 

Independence has a varied climate with humid summers and winters that bring significant snowfall, of 11 inches or more annually. The area's rainfall is also higher than that of the rest of the state. While the change of seasons is pleasant in this area, the varied weather conditions count for only one reason to find effective homeowners insurance in Independence. 

The  Importance of Homeowners Insurance 

Linked In notes that about 12% of American homeowners do not carry home insurance. Many cite the rising cost of premiums and the rising cost of living overall. This cost in Independence is approximately eight or nine percent less than the rest of the state, which may put less of a strain on your wallet when searching for homeowners insurance in Independence. 

Not only may you face financial disaster without coverage, but your mortgage lender may put your loan in default or you may not be able to secure a loan at all. Using VIU by HUB can help you take the puzzle out of shopping for insurance providers and available policies in the area. 

Options for Homeowners Insurance in Independence

As you browse possible policies, keep your options in mind. Most insurance coverage includes dwelling coverage, loss of use and personal liability. Dwelling covers your home's building materials, systems and exterior features, such as fencing. Loss of use covers the cost of hotel expenses if you must leave your home while large repairs take place. 

Personal liability insurance covers costs that occur when someone suffers an injury on your property and believes you are liable. This insurance covers a variety of circumstances, including: 

  • A dog bite 
  • A slip or fall 
  • Injuries resulting from the use of a pool 

As you shop for homeowner's insurance in Independence, consider how your individual risks might affect the cost of your coverage. 

Reviewing the Cost of Home Insurance for Your Independence Property

As an Independence homeowner, you can expect to pay approximately $666-$900 annually for coverage. What you pay can vary widely depending on several factors, including the age of your home and its systems. For example, an older home with a furnace that dates back to the building's construction may cost more to insure than a new home. 

If you own a large dog of a certain breed, you may have to pay more for insurance. Large dogs can cause injuries and may cause property damage by digging or by destroying fences. VIU by HUB can help you understand these and other risks as you shop for an insurance provider that suits you. 

Property Theft and Burglary Risks

One of the greatest draws of Independence is its low crime rate. According to Neighborhood Scout, the city is 82% safer than other neighborhoods in the country. However, theft may still occur. Finding coverage for your home and belongings with VIU by HUB's easy comparison tool can provide you with peace of mind. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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