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Securing Nicholasville Home Insurance

Part of the Lexington-Fayette Metro Area, Nicholasville, KY, is a small city located in the Bluegrass region. People who live in the area experience a 12.8% lower cost of living than the national average and enjoy the area's historic buildings, college-town amenities and beautiful country scenery.

Nicholasville is home to nearly 32,000 people and has seen recent job growth that makes the area desirable. The median price of a home in the area is $265,400, and home appreciation is up by nearly 20%. The average cost of home insurance in the city is $2,012 per year. which is slightly less than the national average of $2,417 per year. Some of the most desirable neighborhoods include Logana, Nicholasville Northwest, Vineyard and Nicholasville Southeast.

The crime rate in Nicholasville has mixed results. When it comes to violent crimes, it is safer than the average city in the United States. However, property crime is higher at a rate of 50.9 reported incidents per 100,000 people compared to the national average of 35.4 reported incidents. This means you'll want to be sure to have strong home insurance in Nicholasville, KY.

Climate is another factor to consider when purchasing home insurance. Nicholasville has hot, humid summers and mild winters. Rain and snow are also common, so it's a good idea to ensure your policy protects against flood damage, especially if your home is in a low-lying area.  You can find the right policy easily when you compare them on VIU by HUB.

Factors That Impact Insurance Costs

You could pay more or less than the average cost of home insurance in Nicholasville, KY, depending on several factors. Your claims history is one of them. If you've filed one or more home insurance claims in the past, you may pay more for a policy now. Your credit score is another factor that may cause you to pay more. Additionally, if you have aggressive pets or a home-based business, expect to pay a higher amount.

The home has risk factors as well. In addition to location, insurance companies consider the condition of the home, how old it is and whether it's vacant for part of the year. Finally, if you have high-risk features (sometimes called attractive nuisances) like a pool or trampoline, you may pay a higher amount.

Saving Money on Home Insurance

There are things you can do to help you save money on your home insurance policy. One of the easiest ways to do so is to bundle your home insurance with other policies, such as auto insurance and life insurance. You can also look for discounts. Many insurance companies offer lower prices for automatic payments, new security systems or a new home. If you can, renovate your home as well, as newly updated homes are viewed as lower risk. Avoid small claims when you can, since they are likely to raise your insurance premium. If a loss costs less than your deductible, it's a good idea to pay out of pocket rather than raise your premium.

No two insurance providers are created equally, but finding the one that best meets your needs doesn't need to be an overwhelming task. VIU by HUB helps to take the guesswork out of insurance shopping by allowing you to compare the companies that provide home insurance in Nicholasville, KY. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. 


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