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Protect Your Slidell Property With Comprehensive Home Insurance

North of the famous city of New Orleans is the suburb and small town of Slidell. Slidell, Louisiana, sits along Lake Pontchartrain and is a short drive to the legendary Bourbon Street. It's known as a quiet community that offers plenty of fishing, boating, antique shopping and restaurant touring.

Slidell's Risks and Potential Hazards

There are a little more than 28,000 people living in Slidell and a median income of $72,707. Slidell enjoys a high rate of homeownership in the community, with 70.5% of residents living in owner-occupied spaces. Median property values as of 2021 are $169,600 for residential homes, and the median age of the residents in the city is 38.

Despite being a nice place to live, Slidell residents are not immune to potential perils that could impact their properties or lead to catastrophic damage. Slidell's location along the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Pontchartrain put it at high risk for severe weather emergencies, such as hurricanes, floods and damaging thunderstorms. The city also sits at or below sea level, which makes homes even more vulnerable to flooding from the lake or rain. Crime is another big problem in this area, and residents have a 1 in 42 chance of being a property crime victim.

How To Get Affordable Home Insurance

When you're thinking about buying home insurance in Slidell, LA, you may want to shop around with VIU by HUB to get access to better rates and different options. Home insurance rates are expensive in this part of the nation due to its history of devastating floods and hurricanes. Slidell's average yearly home insurance cost is $3,355, which is almost double the national average.

Neighborhoods that are right on the shores of the lake often pay even higher home insurance rates due to the history of this area. Some parts of the city may lie in a flood zone, which means you may need extra flood insurance coverage. Extreme heat may also lead to higher rates, especially if the area sees consistently high temperatures during the spring, summer and fall. Slidell's lower cost of living helps make living here more affordable, even though home insurance could be higher priced.

Home Insurance Coverage Breakdown

If you finance your home, you may be mandated to have a home insurance policy. Even if you're not required to have one, home insurance is vital in this community in case of fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage or other things that could lead to a financial disaster. VIU by HUB lets you review different home insurance plans and compare.

The most common type of home insurance in Slidell, LA, is a bundled plan that includes dwelling, personal property and liability. This covers your home's structure, the items inside of it and fees associated with anyone who gets injured on your property. 

If someone breaks in and steals items from your home, a personal property policy could help you get reimbursed for the loss. Other situations, such as a house fire or destruction from storm winds, could lead to structural home damage. Insurance could help you get your home repaired. Flood insurance is not typically part of a standard plan, so it may be something Slidell residents want to add to their policies. 

Start Comparing Plans for Home Insurance

You want to get the best possible plan for home insurance in Slidell, LA. With VIU by HUB, you can do the necessary research to compare the top plans in this region.

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