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Protect Your Investment With Home Insurance in New Orleans

More than 1,013,000 residents proudly call the metro area of New Orleans home, and it is not hard to see why. The city is steeped in rich history and is world-renowned for its diversity and vibrant culture. From jazz music to creole cuisine and internationally famous annual celebrations, New Orleans truly offers something for everyone. 

While the temperatures in New Orleans are generally pleasant, summers can be hot and humid, with temperatures in July averaging highs of 92 and lows of 78. Located below sea level on the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans is also susceptible to weather-related natural disasters. including flooding, high winds, extreme heat, and severe thunderstorms with hail and lightning. 

Nearly half of the residents of New Orleans own their own homes, with a median value of $253,742. This is a decrease of 8% over the last year. With a median household income of $45,594. these home prices represent a significant investment. VIU by HUB can assist in finding affordable home insurance by offering price comparisons from area providers.

New Orleans Home Insurance Costs

The average cost of home insurance in New Orleans is over $4,000 to cover a $300,000 house. This is more than double the national average. In fact, Louisiana is the third-most expensive state for home insurance. There are several factors that contribute to the high homeowner insurance rates in the Big Easy.

Recent Catastrophic Storm Damage

Hurricanes that wrought damage in Louisiana in 2020 and 2021 have impacted the availability and cost of insurance throughout the state. Insurance providers who elected to remain in business in Louisiana are charging exorbitant rates to cover rising repair costs in the face of increasing climate disasters. Many insurance agents have left the state altogether, making quality insurance policies difficult to find. 

Crime Index

New Orleans has a crime index of 2 on a scale where 100 is safest and 1 is most dangerous. The city experiences over 15,500 property crimes annually. 41 residents out of every 1,000 will fall victim to a property crime. The threat of theft and vandalism to homes and property causes insurance rates to increase. 

Aging Homes

The median year of construction of the nearly 200,000 housing units in the city of New Orleans is 1958. Many historic homes in the Lower Garden District and Central Business District are 200 years old or even older. As buildings age, the risks increase. Older buildings are fire hazards and pose numerous risks as renovations take place. Home insurance brokers take all of these factors into account when establishing premiums.

Understanding Home Insurance Perils

Home insurance policies exist to protect your property from specific perils, or potentially damaging events. Perils that are commonly covered by home insurance include the following:

  • Thunderstorm damage from lightning or hail
  • Winter storm damage from snow, ice, or sleet
  • Criminal damage or loss from vandalism or theft
  • Water damage from plumbing or HVAC issues
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Damage from vehicles or falling objects

Find Affordable Home Insurance in New Orleans

If you are struggling to find affordable and reliable home insurance in New Orleans, don't panic. VIU by HUB is here to provide quotes from various insurance professionals. Let us help you with the research and find a policy that meets your needs and your budget so you can sit back and enjoy all New Orleans has to offer.


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