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With so much to do and see in Rockville, you need a solid policy for car insurance in Rockville.
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Insurance That Keeps You on the Road in Rockville

From Rock Creek Regional Park on the east side of town to Wootton's Mill Park and Community Garden in the west, there are plenty of sights in Rockville, MD. Heading from one side to the other, a drive through Town Square gives you the experience of a traditional town with a modern take. Before you plan your day trip, review your policy for car insurance in Rockville to prepare for the road.

While the fatalities from car accidents in Rockville have gone down from six in 2019 to one in 2021, that's still one too many unnecessary deaths. Several factors play a role in Rockville car crashes, with weather being one factor. January sees the most clouds. which makes for dark driving conditions. Paired with the snowfall of Maryland winters, drivers need to practice extreme caution.

Awareness is also important with the amount of pedestrians in the city. With a population of nearly 67,000, and 21% of those being children, there are always people out and about. Defensive driving is essential for keeping those individuals safe. If you need to compare policies to be sure you have the right amount of coverage, VIU by HUB gives you several options for car insurance in Rockville.

Transportation Needs in Rockville

Rockville does have several public transit options. Metrorail and Metrobus go through town, and the Montgomery County bus line, RideOn, is also available. While these are great options in certain situations, you can't always count on public transit.

Residents will have emergencies and need a car immediately. Perhaps you'll find yourself running late for an important meeting, or maybe you just want to take the scenic route to your destination. In any of these situations, it's nice to have your own car. Before you take off, you need proper car insurance in Rockville.

Required Auto Coverage

As a driver, it's your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate coverage any time you are on the road. VIU by HUB can help by pairing you with insurance companies that meet your budget requirements and other needs. Required in Rockville are bodily injury liability and property damage liability at or above the following:

  • Bodily injury liabilitycovers $60,000 per accident and $30,000 per person. This covers injuries sustained and medical bills incurred by another party in an accident where you were at fault.
  • Property damage liabilitycovers $15,000 per accident. This reimburses repair costs for vehicle damage you caused to another person's car.

Drivers are also required to have underinsured and uninsured bodily injury and property damage coverage with the same monetary requirements. This protects you in the case of an accident caused by someone who is driving illegally without liability coverage. This car insurance in Rockville pays for your injuries and property damage, as well as any injuries to your passengers.

Average Car Insurance Cost

Drivers in Rockville, MD, who opt for minimal auto insurance coverage can expect to pay $1,819 on average per year. Seniors have a lower premium and pay an average of $898 per year. Young drivers have a higher premium at a yearly average of $2,990. Adding more products for full coverage will increase the price, with the average yearly premium sitting at $4,222.

Compare Some Quotes Today

Comparing quotes from several insurers is the way to go when you want the best premiums for car insurance in Rockville. VIU by HUB puts those insurers side-by-side so you can see what each can offer your specific situation.

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