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Protect Your Property With Home Insurance in Boston, MA

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, and it's also the most populous. It holds historical significance for the country and remains a cultural and financial juggernaut in the United States. 

As of 2021. the population of the city was 672,814 people. The median age of Boston residents is 32.6 years, and the median household income is $81,744. 

The median property value in the city is $610,400, with a 5.02% growth year over year. The higher cost of property in the city represents a greater need to protect assets with home insurance.

VIU by HUB is a unique service with tremendous features that allow you to compare different insurance companies. You can review average premiums and covered perils to find the most affordable option that suits your needs.

Assess the Need for Home Insurance in Boston

When it comes to homeownership risk factors, there are at least two things homeowners should consider: climate and crime. Boston sits between two climate zones, creating a humid, subtropical climate for the city. The type of climate comes with several risks. including wind, flooding and heat.

Wind speeds in Boston are higher now than in the past 30 years. Also, regarding flooding, over 13,000 properties in the city have a greater than 26% chance of experiencing severe floods over the next 30 years. Finally, over the next 30 years, Boston will experience more frequent heat waves and more days at or above 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

The crime rate in Boston is also a concern for home buyers. The city is only safer than 16% of U.S. neighborhoods. and a resident has a one in 41 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime or property crime. Relative to the state, Boston has a crime rate higher than 98% of other cities and towns.

Home insurance in Boston can negate some of the risks. While property owners may become victims of a crime or natural disaster, home insurance policies protect against financial losses and hardships. VIU by Hub can help you assess different policies to find the one that fits your budget and needs.

Average Insurance Premiums in Boston, MA

The average cost of home insurance in Boston is $1,485 annually or $124 monthly. The average is higher than the state and most other areas in the city. Population and crime rate are two factors likely contributing to the higher insurance premiums.

An insurance company must assess its risks when offering a policy. Large populations and high crime rates represent significant risks to insurers. To find affordable premiums in the city, you can use VIU by HUB to compare several policies at once.

Typical Insurance Coverages

As you review various policies, you want to focus on what the insurance covers or protects. Most insurance policies cover the house structure, personal property, living expenses and liability protection.

Not all policies cover natural disasters, but many guard against specific weather or disaster-related losses, such as fires, wind or burst pipes. Also, most policies will protect against or offer coverage for vandalism and theft.

The level of coverage depends on your policy and premium. The more in-depth the policy and the higher the premium typically results in more coverage. However, personal risk factors also play a role in insurance costs.

VIU by HUB: Your Insurance Tool

Finding home insurance in Boston is challenging and time-consuming because there are many options. To help in the selection process, use VIU by HUB to compare several policies and premiums.


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