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Living in the Diverse Somerville Community

If you're a scientist, artist or creative person, you'll feel right at home in Somerville. The coastal city has more people working in math and science than 95% of other U.S. cities. It also houses more designers, artists and media workers than 90% of the country. Many residents value higher education, with almost 66% having a college or advanced degree. Somerville is an excellent place to learn and discover something new.

With sites and ruins dating back to the 1700s, Somerville is rich in history. Paul Revere traveled through on his famous midnight ride, and the Powder House once held gunpowder for Revolutionary War soldiers. Many homes predate World War II, adding to Somerville's historical vibe.

However, the city does have modern amenities. Somerville established Assembly Row in 2014 as a destination for living, working and playing. Residents and visitors can overlook Mystic River while enjoying restaurants, entertainment and living spaces. Somerville is forward-moving in other ways. The city government uses a data-driven management platform and was among the first to introduce the 311 service.

Protecting Your Residence With Home Insurance in Somerville, MA

Somerville not only has some of the most expensive real estate in Massachusetts, but it consistently has some of the highest home prices in the U.S. Almost 85% of Somerville's homes cost $611,000 or more. Home insurance is essential to protect your investment if you own a home in Somerville. You can find price comparisons at VIU by HUB. The online tools compare quotes from multiple providers so that you can choose the policy that fits your lifestyle.

What Your Policy Provides

A standard home insurance policy covers your structures, personal belongings and liability. It also covers living expenses if you must stay elsewhere while making repairs.

Property Crime in Somerville

Residents have a 1 in 86 chance of experiencing a property crime in Somerville. This average is somewhat higher than the state average of 1 in 96. Home insurance in Somerville, MA, includes theft, vandalism and trespassing coverage.

Rain, Ice and Snow Risks

Somerville averages 48 inches of rainfall annually, while the national average is 38 inches. The city averages almost twice as much snow as the rest of the country ” 51 inches yearly compared to 28 inches. From October through April, Somerville can have temperatures below freezing.

The weight of packed snow can weaken a roof, while ice dams can block gutters and prevent runoff. Snow drifts can hurt your foundation. In warm weather, heavy rain can cause flooding and mold damage.

Storm Damage

Massachusetts residents have a risk of thunderstorms, hail, hurricanes and tropical storms. The high winds, lightning and rain accompanying these weather events can wreak havoc on your home and structures. Falling limbs, flying debris, power outages and loose roof shingles are possible.

Home insurance covers damage from weather events. Flood damage is a separate policy. However, most standard home insurance policies cover water damage from burst pipes and sudden roof leaks.

Home Insurance Costs in Somerville

Somerville residents spend an average of $1,451 annually on home insurance. This amount is lower than the state average. Rates vary across Massachusetts. Coastal cities pay higher premiums due to an increased storm risk, and rural areas tend to have lower prices because of decreased crime rates.

Finding the Right Policy for Your Home

With so many coverage options, it's essential to compare quotes. VIU by HUB has tools that analyze multiple insurers and rates, allowing you to find home insurance in Somerville, MA, that fits your requirements.

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