Car Insurance in New Bedford

With so much to do and see, a complete policy for car insurance in New Bedford is essential before hitting the road.
Compare, shop and customize quotes from top-rated insurance carriers.

Drive Cautiously With New Bedford Car Insurance

Whether you're heading down to the East Beach or are spending the day on the West Beach, the sights are beautiful in New Bedford. Brooklawn Park makes a great meeting spot for friends, and Sassaquin Pond is a favorite walking place. Getting from one point to the other isn't too hard with the land being about 20 square miles. but drivers should always practice caution. Before hitting the road, check out the specifics of your policy for car insurance in New Bedford so you know what coverage you have in case of an accident.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even to the safest drivers. In 2021, there were nine fatal accidents in New Bedford. Twelve vehicles and 16 people were involved. Sadly, 10 of those people were killed. While insurance won't bring those lives back, it can help with medical bills, funeral costs and property damage repair costs. 

The weather may have played a role in some of those accidents, but the majority occurred during daylight between April and October when the days were mostly clear. Just the same, winter in New Bedford poses some serious risks on the road, so drivers should always be cautious. Snowfall is typically between November and April, with February being hit the hardest. Learning how to drive in all kinds of weather could save lives, and proper car insurance protects during every season.

Have a Plan for Transportation

New Bedford residents have access to the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority bus system. This can come in handy for several transportation needs, but it's not available every hour of the night. Sometimes you have an emergency or need to get home after hours. In those situations, it's nice to have another transportation plan, such as a personal vehicle.

With a personal vehicle comes the responsibility of securing a policy for car insurance in New Bedford. VIU by HUB takes your budget and insurance requirements and pairs you with a handful of insurers. Side by side, you can determine which insurance company can provide you with a policy that fulfills your needs.

Know the Average Cost of Insurance

As you compare insurers, you'll notice they do not all have the same pricing. To help you make the decision, you should know some of the average costs of annual car insurance in New Bedford:

  • Overall - $1,474.
  • Minimum coverage - $1,298.
  • Full coverage - $3,983.
  • Young drivers - $2,233.
  • Seniors - $605.

Purchase the Required Amount

In Massachusetts, certain insurance requirements must be met after you purchase a car. This includes $20,000 each of bodily injury liability and underinsured/uninsured motorist per person. Drivers must also have $40,000 each of bodily injury liability and underinsured/uninsured motorist per accident. Property damage liability is also required at a minimum of $5,000. A minimum of $8,000 in personal injury protection is another requirement in Massachusetts.

In addition to the mandatory minimum coverage, you can opt for comprehensive coverage that pays for damage from natural disasters, missiles, vandalism or theft. Collision insurance is optional and covers an impact with another car, a telephone pole, a tree or anything else. Medical payment coverage, rental car coverage and no-fault insurance are other possibilities.

Find the Right Policy for You

Finding the right policy for car insurance in New Bedford can seem overwhelming. However, with the help of VIU by HUB, you have all you need to compare quotes. Find your perfect policy today.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.



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