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Braving the North Star State's winter weather requires good home insurance in St. Cloud.
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You Need Solid Home Insurance in the Granite City

Whether you seek a job in manufacturing, plan to attend college at St. Cloud University or enjoy playing ice hockey, there are many reasons to move to St. Cloud. Consider some of its accolades:

  • Best Old-House Neighborhood in the Midwest
  • Fifth Most Liveable Winter U.S. City
  • 87th Best City for Homeownership in Minnesota
  • City with the Most Affordable Homes in the U.S.

Minnesotans started mining granite in 1863, and now the St. Cloud area is famous for its 30 granite quarries. You can see Minnesota granite all over the U.S., including at sites as famous as Mt. Rushmore and the Kennedy Space Center. However, the noise and dust from mining operations can affect your property values and insurance rates.

St. Cloud is home to fewer than 69,000 people and is the 12th largest city in Minnesota. Even though it is small in size, its citizens experience crime at a rate comparable to the rest of the U.S. Its property crime rate of 59.6 exceeds the national average of 35.4, making personal property coverage an essential part of home insurance in St. Cloud.

Winter Hazards

The past decades have brought record-low temperatures, snowfall and even tornadoes to Minnesota. Due to this increasingly extreme weather, you can expect to pay 400% more for home insurance in St. Cloud than you would have 20 years ago.

Your St. Cloud home is your shelter from Minnesota's harsh climate. If something goes wrong in the dead of winter, you need a reliable home insurance policy to protect your family from the elements.

Cold Temperatures

In January 2023, the average temperature was 17.2 degrees. In these frigid conditions, a malfunctioning HVAC system could present a life-threatening emergency. You need a way to contact your insurance agent right away if your gas goes out in the middle of the night.


St. Cloud receives up to 80 or more inches of snow in some years. The cold temperatures mean the snow does not melt but accumulates on your roof all winter. You need to ensure that your roof can handle snow loads of 42 lbs per square foot without collapsing and that your home insurance contains provisions for roof damage.


The flood risk in St. Cloud is also high. With the Mississippi River flowing through the downtown area, six critical infrastructures are at risk of shutting down when water rises. This means that even if your home is not one of the 1,363 that flooding will potentially impact, loss of power or transportation will still affect the homeowner's insurance you need.

Reliable and Affordable Home Insurance in St. Cloud

Staying warm and safe in St. Cloud means having a sturdy home and reliable home insurance to protect it. With VIU by HUB, you can find the best policy by comparing rates and services and choosing the coverage you need.

The average cost of home insurance in St. Cloud is $938. Because insurance in Minnesota tends to be high, finding an affordable policy is a priority for most families. You don't want a policy with coverages you don't need or that has a low deductible that comes at the cost of an unrealistic monthly premium.

You don't need to call an insurance agent and take his or her word for which coverage is best for you. When you use VIU by HUB, you just type in your address, answer a few questions and instantly see which providers insure homes in your area.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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