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Located in the Mississippi Delta region, Greenville is the county seat of Washington Country and the largest river port in the state. Surviving fever, fire, and floods, the town is a symbol of perseverance and strength.

The city is small, with a population of 30,175 residents as of 2021. The average age of those residents is 38.8 years, and the median income in the city is $32,066.

Despite lower incomes, 51.7% of Greenville residents own their homes. The median property value in the city is $81,000, which is a substantial investment. 

To protect your home in Greenville against common perils, such as fire or theft, home insurance is a necessity. Sorting through the several insurers in the state is challenging, especially sorting through the details and differences of each policy. VIU by HUB can make insurance selection easier by allowing you to compare several policies and providers simultaneously, choosing an option that accounts for your needs and budget.

Know Your Property Risks in Greenville, MS

When choosing home insurance in Greenville, MS, you must consider how risks contribute to insurance costs and coverage options. While your credit score and claim history factor into premium costs, location is also a premium driver of expense.

The Impact of Location

Greenville, MS, has specific climate risks and crime rates to consider. Each factor plays a role in premium or rate estimates. Understanding each of these issues can help to limit any surprises. 

Greenville has a humid subtropical climate, meaning it experiences mild temperatures with rain year-round. The winters are short and cool, and the city averages 0 inches of snow annually.

The primary climate issues facing Greenville are wind and heat. 100% of the homes in the city are at risk of experiencing tropical storm winds of up to 104 mph. Also, the city can expect to experience longer heat waves over the next 30 years, with temperatures soaring to 110°F and above.

The Implications of Crime Rates

Crime rates also play a role, especially when they account for property crimes. While Greenville is not among the cities with the highest crime rate, it does have a higher-than-average rate, above 73% of the state's cities. and a person's odds of becoming a victim of violent or property crime is one in 61. In terms of home insurance rates, property crimes, including theft and burglary, occur more frequently in Greenville than in other areas of the state.

Find the Average Cost of Home Insurance in Greenville, MS

Average home insurance costs in Mississippi are above the national average, and Greenville is no exception. The higher crime rate in the area likely contributes to the average $2,390 annual or $199 monthly rate.

You can adjust the costs by negotiating premiums, showing exceptional creditworthiness, or demonstrating ways your home is safer than others, for example, installing a home alarm and surveillance system or security lights. Also, depending on mortgage requirements, you may look for basic home insurance packages with lower or fewer coverage options. However, remember that the crime and climate issues likely mean comprehensive coverage is worthwhile.

You can compare home insurance in Greenville, MS, with VIU by HUB. The service offers a tool that allows you to compare several policies simultaneously, allowing you to review crucial factors like covered perils and premiums.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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