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Protect the Future of Your Home in Tupelo, MS

Tupelo, Mississippi, draws thousands of tourists every year because it is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Recently named one of the top 50 cities in the South bySouthern LivingMagazine,Tupelo is a warm and welcoming small town where you can find a four-bed three-bathroom home for under $400,000. Smaller homes often sell for under $200,000. With these prices, you can make your home insurance in Tupelo, MS, a top priority without breaking the bank.

Tupelo, MS, Demographics and Weather

The town of Tupelo is home to almost 38,000 people. and the median resident age is 38. The median household income in Tupelo is nearly $59,000 per year. and the owner-occupied housing rate is 60%. So whether you live in the home you purchase or decide to rent it out, you'll find a community of other homeowners with similar concerns about finding a comprehensive home insurance plan to protect their investments in Tupelo, MS.

The weather in Tupelo is comparatively mild because it is in the South. You won't have to worry about your pipes freezing in the winter, but you might need to update your air conditioning for the hot and humid summers that last from May until early October. If you install a pool to deal with the heat, you can compare options for add-on protection to your home insurance on VIU by HUB.

Understand the Risks of Owning a Home

While owning a home is a major milestone and something to celebrate, it does come with some risks. The majority of home insurance policies will help you rebuild or repair your home in situations such as:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Explosions
  • Electrical fires
  • Burst pipes
  • Theft and break-ins

Property crime in Tupelo is fairly high for a city of its size, so securing comprehensive home insurance is important to preserve your peace of mind.

Inclement weather and natural disasters present other risks you need to factor in as a homeowner. Many major insurance providers do not offer protection in the case of hurricanes and floods. Tupelo is in northeast Mississippi, so the risk of flood is quite low at only 12% of properties. However, your home in Tupelo faces a major risk of wind damage as wind speeds have increased exponentially over the past 30 years.

Average Premiums for Home Insurance in Tupelo, MS

When you shop for home insurance in Tupelo, MS, you deserve to know if you're paying a fair and reasonable rate. On average, homeowners in Tupelo pay $2,165 per year for home insurance. While you'll likely be paying more than homeowners in some other states, this is lower than the Mississippi state average and significantly lower than home insurance costs in Jackson, MS.

Remember that the cost of your individual insurance plan can change depending on factors such as your individual insurance credit score, the age of your home and the total amount to replace or rebuild your home. Because of this, you'll find the most competitive rates by comparing your options on VIU by HUB.

Secure Comprehensive Home Insurance in Tupelo, MS

Home insurance is an important aspect of every homeowner's annual financial plan. In today's insurance market, you have the opportunity to tailor your home insurance in Tupelo, MS, to suit your needs. From the amount of your deductible to add-on policies for unique home features, your insurance policy should feel like a perfect fit. Discover a new way to compare home insurance rates and policy options from major providers on VIU by HUB and unlock a new level of confidence as a homeowner.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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