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How Important Is Car Insurance for St. Charles Families?

The city of St. Charles boasts a refined atmosphere and rich history. This city of 70,000 was Missouri's first state capital, and it still draws tourists and history buffs to places such as Frenchtown with beautiful French colonial architecture. Visitors and residents can stroll down Main Street in the St. Charles Historic District to browse more than 100 restaurants and shops.

Despite the city's classic feel, it also has some modern problems related to traffic. St. Charles is located just 30 minutes from St. Louis, so several important roadways run through it: I-70, Hwy 370 and Hwy 364. Some parts of I-70 have an average daily traffic volume of more than 100,000 vehicles. On Hwy 370, over 50,000 vehicles carry commuters to and from nearby cities. With so much traffic, local families need to have good car insurance in St. Charles.

How Many Car Accidents Happen in St. Charles?

The city of St. Charles had more than 1,700 traffic accidents in 2022. At first, this may not seem like a lot for a population of 70,000 people, but it means that over 30 crashes happen every week. There are almost five car accidents in the city each day.

These crashes caused over 200 injuries. The region also sees about 35 deadly crashes every year. These numbers only reflect accidents within St. Charles city limits and the surrounding area. People who commute to St. Louis for work have much greater risks of getting into a crash.

How Long Is the Daily Commute in St. Charles?

The average commute for St. Charles' 30,000 households is about 20 minutes. Roughly 15% of workers drive further, up to 35 minutes in each direction. The city doesn't have many options for public transportation, so the vast majority of families (80%) drive a vehicle to work. The rest carpool, walk or work from home.

On average, local households own two vehicles. Cars make it easy to commute to work, go to college, get groceries, visit local parks and enjoy time with family members. VIU by HUB is helpful for families that want to customize car insurance in St. Charles for teen drivers or other needs.

What Are the Most Common Risks for St. Charles Drivers?

The more vehicles there are on a roadway, the greater the chances of a car crash. Some common causes of accidents in the region include:

  • Speeding: When vehicles are traveling too quickly, reacting to sudden traffic changes can be nearly impossible.
  • Ignoring traffic signals: Some drivers ignore stop signs, yield signs or red lights because they're in a hurry.
  • Texting and driving: Distracted driving is responsible for hundreds of accidents in the region every year.
  • Aggressiveness: Aggressive drivers may cut people off or follow other vehicles too closely.

St. Charles also gets significant rain every year: about 42 inches. Wet roadways can make braking or avoiding obstacles more difficult.

How Bad Are Vehicle Crimes in St. Charles?

Even though St. Charles is a mid-sized city, local car insurance rates are similar to bigger metro locations in Missouri, about $1,500 a year. One reason for higher auto insurance prices is vehicle-related crimes. In St. Charles, there are hundreds of cases of vehicle theft, vandalism, theft of parts and theft from inside vehicles every year.

To protect against these risks, owners need to invest in comprehensive coverage for car insurance in St. Charles. VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare coverage options and save money.

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