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Located in the northwest of metro St. Louis is a suburb and small city, St. Charles, Missouri. St. Charles was founded in 1769 by fur traders, and it changed hands from the French to the Spanish and eventually the United States in its early history. The population of the suburb is 71,190 in a little more than 25 square miles. When you need home insurance in St. Charles, MO, VIU by HUB can help you find the right coverage for your community.

Risks and Hazards for Homeowners in St. Charles

Median property values for homes in St. Charles are high at $242,700. A majority of the homes in St. Charles are occupied by homeowners instead of renters. There are a variety of different home types in the community, including single-family homes, townhouses, condos and manufactured homes. Higher property values in this region may mean higher insurance rates.

St. Charles is situated in a geographical zone that has frequent tornadoes and other disasters, such as drought, flash flooding and severe winter storms. These weather events may mean more potential risks for property damage in the region. Another risk of living in St. Charles is being a victim of a property crime. The property crime rate is 1 in 53. with higher instances of property crime and potentially higher insurance premiums in neighborhoods along the river.

The Price of Home Insurance Protection 

The price you pay for home insurance in St. Charles, MO, is dependent on your home's location, size, value, neighborhood and credit score. On average, homeowners in this area pay $1,285 per year for comprehensive coverage on a $300,000 property. Compared to the national average for home insurance, this is slightly lower.

The cost of home insurance in Missouri is on average much higher than in St. Charles. Living in this city may help you save money on your home insurance due to lower crime rates and fewer instances of claims from homeowners.

What Your St. Charles Home Insurance Coverage Includes

If you have a mortgage through a lender, chances are you are required to purchase home insurance to protect the asset. VIU by HUB helps you compare different company offerings for home insurance and the coverage you need in case of problems, such as fire, theft, burglary, storm damage or another loss. 

Typical coverage for home insurance includes the dwelling, the property inside of the home and liability for people who may get injured on your property. Dwelling insurance coverage is designed to cover the cost of repair or rebuilding if your home is damaged or destroyed. Personal property coverage protects your items inside of your home if they are stolen, destroyed or damaged.

In addition, most insurance plans include liability coverage in case of an injury. If another person gets hurt on your property, your insurance plan can cover the medical or legal expenses. You may also customize your insurance plan with popular add-ons to cover flood damage, additional living expenses, sewer backup, identity theft or home business protection.

Build a Customized Home Protection Plan for Your Property's Needs

VIU by HUB is your source to get information, comparison details and quotes for home insurance in St. Charles, MO. It's essential to protect your most valuable asset, which, for most people, is your home. Don't leave your home and your items inside vulnerable to common risks in this city. Instead, choose a comprehensive home insurance plan that gives you peace of mind.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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