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Speeding through the wide open spaces of Southwestern Montana requires car insurance in Anaconda.
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Vehicle Insurance in a Historic Copper Mining Town

Anaconda, Montana has settled down to a slower pace since its tumultuous days of copper mining in the late 1800s. The already-small population of 9,510 has declined in recent years to a current density of only 12 people per square mile. There are even fewer living in the ghost town of Gunslinger Gulch, which is only a short drive away.

Even though the Anaconda Smelter Stack stands higher than the Washington Monument, you won't drive past many other tall buildings in this quiet town. Many residents work in mining or ranching, and even those with indoor jobs enjoy driving to the mountains on weekends to enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing or skiing.

No anaconda snakes live in the town named after them, or anywhere in Montana for that matter. Other wildlife is abundant, though, and you might have to swerve to avoid moose, elk and antelope. Drivers kill so many of these animals on the roads that the state now issues permits for people to take the carcasses home and eat them so they will not go to waste.

The Need for Car Insurance in Anaconda

Just because a town is small and quiet does not mean it is safe. The chance of falling victim to property crime in Anaconda is 1 in 50. If your car is not insured, then you cannot expect reimbursement if someone steals your vehicle or your possessions inside of it.

There are no city buses in Anaconda, so you will need a car to get around. The good news is that the average commute to work is only 17.2 minutes. The bad news is that, depending on where you work, this short drive may be along a curvy, ice-covered road with drop-offs down a steep mountain on either side. 

Highway 569, which leads south out of town, is notorious for its harrowing S-turns that make winter driving dangerous. Anaconda-Deer Lodge County recently received a $19.3 million grant to fix this part of Mill Creek Highway but repairs may be slow. In the meantime, expect delays and hazards from construction crews. Don't face these risks every day without good car insurance in Anaconda.

Even if you are retired or work from home, the frigid Montana weather can cost you money in repair bills. However, some vehicle insurance will pay for the following winter-related damages:

  • Your car getting stuck in snow or sliding off the road
  • Your battery power draining due to cold temperatures
  • Ice cracking a windshield 
  • Your fuel line freezing

Roadside assistance and repairs for cold weather problems such as these usually require more than a standard liability policy.

Quote Comparisons

Montana law requires drivers to carry liability insurance to cover the costs of being in an accident. But to be sure you are ready for whatever circumstances life in Southwestern Montana brings, use VIU by HUB to compare quotes from available insurance carriers. By seeing the policies side-by-side, you can choose car insurance in Anaconda that best fits your needs.

VIU by HUB also shows you the prices that insurers offer so you can select the policy that fits your budget. The average cost of car insurance in Anaconda is $1,194 per year. which makes it lower than insurance in most Montana cities. However, rates in Montana do run higher than in other states.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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