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Drive Protected in Fast-Growing Belgrade

Belgrade is a fast-growing city in southwestern Montana. According to the U.S. Census, the population increased from 7,400 in 2010 to almost 12,000 in 2022. With an influx of drivers, accidents are statistically more likely. Therefore, protecting your vehicle is more important than ever in Belgrade.

Whether you are headed to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Mountain View Park or to the track to watch stock car racing, Belgrade has plenty of places worth driving to. Dependable car insurance is a key part of maintaining your ability to get where you need to go. VIU by HUB has the online tools you need to compare quotes from multiple insurers and choose the policy that's the best fit.

Belgrade Transportation Options

Gallatin County provides transportation from Belgrade to nearby towns. However, getting around the city without a personal vehicle requires a taxi or ride-hailing service. More than 77% of the town's workers rely on their cars to get to work. Car insurance in Belgrade is essential if you depend on your vehicle for transportation.

Weather Risks for Belgrade Drivers

Gallatin County drivers should know the risks they may face on the road.


Belgrade has significant snowfall for nine months of the year, and the average annual snowfall is 56 inches. Many Montana drivers have experience with driving in the snow. However, the risks are always present. Heavy snowfall can reduce visibility and increase the difficulty of keeping roads clear. It can also make it harder to keep lights, windows and turn signals clear of snow.

Extreme Cold

Your tire pressure decreases with the temperature, making the vehicle harder to navigate. Batteries lose power in cold weather, and cars and trucks require more power to start. Freezing temperatures make it harder to keep roads free of ice.

Rain and Flooding

The spring thaw can bring flooding to the area, creating road hazards. Heavy rain in the springtime compounds the situation. Drivers should be cautious when navigating low-visibility conditions and avoid driving on flooded roads.

The Price of Car Insurance in Belgrade

Belgrade drivers pay an average of $134 monthly for car insurance. No two policies are exactly alike, and individuals pay different rates according to several factors, including:

  • Driver age: Statistically, younger drivers have more accidents and present a higher risk to insurers.
  • Credit history: Insurance companies look at credit scores to determine rates; drivers with lower scores tend to have more claims.
  • Driving record: Previous claims and infractions usually raise premiums.
  • Vehicle type: Sports cars cost more to insure because they have more accidents and claims.

Your gender plays a role in how much you pay for insurance; males tend to have more accidents (and claims) than females.

What Your Policy Covers

Montana drivers must meet the minimum insurance requirements:

  • Bodily injury liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $20,000 per accident

Most people choose to purchase more coverage ” the minimum requirements don't offer much protection for at-fault drivers.

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for expenses when the other driver doesn't have adequate coverage.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers non-traffic-related damages, such as wildlife collisions, storm damage, fire or theft.
  • Collision coverage pays for expenses from a wreck with another vehicle, fixed object or road hazard.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes with VIU by HUB

Use the tools at VIU by HUB to find the policy that meets your budget and lifestyle. You can compare quotes from several companies to ensure you get your desired features for the best price. Drive safely with the right car insurance in Belgrade.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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