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Life in Goodyear, AZ

Heading west out of Phoenix, you will encounter the growing city of Goodyear. With an estimated 105,406 residents. the population has ballooned from the 65,000 or so people that called Goodyear home in 2010, thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and close proximity to Phoenix's popular attractions.

Almost 80% of Goodyear homes are owner-occupied, and most people live in the same home they were in a year ago. That stability helps give the city a true hometown feeling. The average home value in Goodyear is $401,400, which is in line with national averages. Additionally, Best Places ranked Goodyear fifth on its list of 2020 Best Places to Raise a Family in Arizona.

Its location in south-central Arizona helps bring lots of pleasant and warm weather to Goodyear residents. You can expect to see nearly 300 sunny days each year, making it the ideal place for planning outdoor adventures.

Home Insurance Coverage in Goodyear, AZ

A standard home policy includes five main types of coverage: liability insurance, medical payments, personal property protection and coverage for the primary dwelling and any outbuildings. Depending on how your insurance is set up, these apply for either listed types of events or all losses except for those explicitly excluded by the policy language.

Many homeowners in Goodyear will find that a standard home insurance policy offers adequate protection against area risks. However, it is a good idea to review your home insurance in Goodyear, AZ, to ensure you have the coverage you need. VIU by HUB can help you compare policies from multiple carriers.

You may opt to purchase additional protection, such as for specific high-value personal items, or to pay for temporary living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable after a covered loss. Because there is only a negligible risk of flooding in the area, most homeowners will not need a separate flood policy.

Homeowner Risks

Homeowners in Goodyear face several risks that could endanger their investment. For example, the city is in the center of an area with high wildfire dangers. Risk Factor estimates that wildfires will affect 91% of Goodyear properties over the next 30 years. You can take steps to protect yourself from fire damage by investing in special fire-resistant building materials and other protective measures. Purchasing home insurance in Goodyear, AZ, can help you recover if disaster does strike.

Crime rates in Goodyear are pretty much in line with or below state averages. This helps keep insurance costs down and adds to the area's affordability.

Costs of Goodyear Home Insurance

Goodyear home insurance rates are on par with state averages. Consider the following average rates for home insurance in Goodyear:

  • $1,526.00 per year for $250,000 in coverage
  • $1,897.00 per year for $350,000 in coverage
  • $2,287.00 per year for $450,000 in coverage

As these figures demonstrate, the amount of coverage you need, based on home value, plays a role in how much you will pay for a policy. Other factors that affect rates include your claims history, family pets and the age of your home.

Shoppers can often save by taking advantage of discounts. Some popular options include fire-retardant building materials, fire suppression systems and security features.

Don't overpay for home insurance. Let VIU by HUB help you shop for home insurance in Goodyear, AZ. Our agents will provide you with quotes from multiple companies so you can choose the coverage that offers the best protection at the most attractive price.

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