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Enjoy the Southwest Charm of Yuma, AZ

Yuma was one of the first places in what is now the United States that Europeans visited, and current residents can spend days enjoying historic attractions in the surrounding area. The area also boasts family-friendly attractions like West Wetlands Park, home to Yuma's annual balloon festival and the awesomely accessible Stewart Vincent Wolfe Memorial Playground.

Just over 98,000 people call Yuma home, and about 63.8% of the city's houses are owner-occupied. The average home value in the city is $157,300. which is substantially less than the national average. That makes Yuma an attractive and affordable place to call home. Its title as the sunniest place in the U.S. doesn't hurt, either.

The mighty Colorado River welcomes visitors and residents to Yuma, but it doesn't create much of a flood risk. In fact, several dam projects create ample opportunities for recreation, and irrigation systems divert the river's water to create fertile cropland for large-scale agricultural operations. What can be dangerous, however, is the flash floods that pop up during intense monsoon storms.

Costs of Home Insurance in Yuma, AZ

The average cost of home insurance in Yuma, AZ, is $1,370 per year or $114 per month. That is generally lower than both Arizona and national averages, making it an affordable place to insure a home. Average rates assume a homeowner with good credit and a clean claims history. You may pay more or less depending on several factors, including:

  • Your credit score: As a general rule, homeowners with higher credit scores pay lower rates for insurance.
  • Your claims history: A history of multiple home insurance claims indicates a higher risk to insurance companies, which translates into higher costs for coverage.
  • Your home's size: Home insurance coverage limits and costs are largely based on the value to replace your home, and larger homes tend to be more expensive to rebuild. Special building materials or construction methods can also increase costs.
  • Personal property value: Personal property coverage typically includes a set limit. However, you may need additional coverage if you have several high-value items or collections. This can increase coverage costs.
  • Home location: Homes throughout Yuma may face different risks, such as higher crime rates or a greater chance of flooding. These variables directly how much you pay for Yuma home insurance.
  • Available discounts: Many homeowners qualify for discounts. These include options based on special disaster-resistant building materials, having multiple insurance policies and maintaining a clean claims history. VIU by HUB can help you uncover possible discounts to help you save on your home insurance in Yuma, AZ.

Coverage Options for Home Insurance in Yuma

Most Yuma homeowners will find that a standard home policy offers sufficient coverage. In general, these policies cover losses such as fire, theft, vandalism and severe weather risks. They also provide liability insurance that pays for legal and medical costs if someone suffers an injury or property damage on your property.

As with other cities in the far southwest United States, Yuma has a higher-than-average risk of wildfires. More than half of the city's homes are at risk of fire damage in the next 30 years. Special building materials, including concrete construction and fire-resistant roofing, can help reduce the impact of these events on your home. Because of the high risk of fire in the area, it is important to check your policy to ensure coverage for that peril.

VIU by HUB can help you compare quotes to ensure you have affordable home insurance in Yuma, AZ, that includes coverage for the most likely risks.

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