Phoenix Home Insurance

Comparing Phoenix home insurance policies before buying can help homeowners save money and create a tailor-made plan that protects their houses and belongings.
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Safeguard Your Phoenix Property With Home Insurance

Residents who live in Phoenix, AZ, enjoy a variety of advantages that may surprise those who think of the state's capital as a place where seniors flock to when they retire. In reality, people aged 65 and over only make up approximately 11% of the city's population.

Phoenix is one of the most populated state capitals in the country, with more than four million individuals living and working in the city. Major employers in Phoenix include education. trade transportation and hospitality sectors. A majority of residents in the city own homes.

Whether you buy a home in downtown Phoenix, the hub of the city, or a quieter neighborhood like Desert Ridge in the northern area, you need a Phoenix home insurance policy to protect your property and meet your individual needs. VIU by HUB can help you compare coverage options so you can make the most informed choice possible.

Phoenix Home Insurance Coverage

Choosing options for a home insurance policy often depends on personal risk factors, your budget and the type of available coverage in Phoenix. You can protect your home from a variety of issues and possible dangers, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage to appliances and building materials
  • Theft of your personal property/break-ins

Phoenix homeowners saw a spike in violent crimes in the last several years, with approximately 480 in 10,000 residents at risk of experiencing some kind of theft or burglary. The current crime rate is much higher than the national average when compared to the same types of crimes in other large cities. VIU by HUB allows you to compare home insurance coverage rates and what risks you face as a homeowner in Phoenix.

The Cost of Home Insurance In Phoenix

According to Moneygeek, the average cost of Phoenix home insurance is estimated at $1,065 annually, but it may rise or fall depending on the type of coverage you choose and which risks you carry. For example, if you own large dogs and want to cover any possible damage they might do if they escape your yard, adding this coverage could affect policy costs.

Comparing home insurance policies may also uncover discounts. Military individuals and seniors may qualify for these savings. Searching for these discounts may make your home insurance budget more flexible.

Risk Factors for Phoenix Homeowners

Triple-digit summer days are not uncommon in Phoenix, as the city's desert climate makes for long, sweltering summers and cool winters. Snow is uncommon in the city. As a homeowner, you face little risk from weather-related events. While flash flooding can occur after a thunderstorm, the risk of water damage from weather events is low.

The risk of fire from lightning strikes during severe weather can occur and spread to your home. Adding fire damage coverage to your Phoenix home insurance can protect your property and belongings in case of smoke and heat damage.

Comparing insurance policies before you buy can take the guesswork out of creating insurance coverage that matches your needs and budget. Individualizing your policy as much as possible and comparing available coverage options can provide you with greater peace of mind as a homeowner.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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