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Protect Your Future in Bear With Home Insurance

Just 12 miles from dynamic Wilmington, you'll find Bear, Delaware, an increasingly popular suburb with a little over 24,000 residents. Bear offers everything you could ask for while living in Delaware, including access to nature, shopping, entertainment and more. Many mid-size homes in town sell in under a month for less than $400,000. making Bear an attractive place for working professionals and families. Once you have invested in a property in Bear, protect your future with a high-quality home insurance plan.

Meet the Community of Bear, Delaware

Bear is a diverse community where the median age is 37. More than a third of residents have a bachelor's degree, and the median yearly household income is almost $80,000. The town is almost equally split between rental properties and owner-occupied housing, with 41% of people renting. If you're looking to add a townhome to your investment portfolio, make sure you explore all of your options for home insurance by comparing policy offers from major providers on VIU by HUB.

Weather, Climate and Crime

The weather in Bear, Delaware, is mild during the spring and fall but can feel more extreme in the summer and winter. You'll see an average high of 85 degrees in July and a low of 27 in January. Short but intense heat waves are becoming more common, which puts your home's foundation and walls at risk due to compromised soil quality. All properties in Bear face this risk, so it's important to look at how much coverage your home insurance policy offers for inclement weather.

Besides heat waves, you should prepare for other types of climate-related events in Bear. 11% of properties in the town face a moderate flood risk, and tropical storms are not out of the realm of possibility. Check your policy or ask your provider to confirm what kinds of weather events are covered and whether or not you have to secure an add-on policy to increase your coverage.

In terms of crime, you can feel confident that Bear is a safe city because instances of violent crime are rare. However, 13 out of every 1,000 residents experience property crime, which is something that concerns every homeowner. Fortunately, you can search for and compare strong home insurance policies on VIU by HUB to find a plan that offers you peace of mind when it comes to break-ins.

Compare Bear Home Insurance Premiums

You deserve competitive rates when it comes to home insurance. Residents of Bear typically pay $705 per year to protect their houses. This is comparable to the city of Middletown and is lower than both the state and national averages for home insurance. Insurance premiums vary from one location to another, and providers also factor in your credit history, the age of your home and the value of your property when calculating your rate.

Embrace Serenity and Peace of Mind in Bear

With comprehensive Bear home insurance, you can feel more confident about the future of your property because your policy will help you repair your home if accidents happen. Electrical fires, burst pipes and medical bills for an on-site injury of a guest are all normally covered by umbrella policies. Internal and external damage, as well as property loss due to crime, are also categories of protection, but you can tailor your deductible and level of coverage to fit your budget and insurance needs. You can use the comparison tool on VIU by HUB to explore policy options from multiple providers until you find a perfect fit.

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