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Protecting Your Investment in Brookside

Whether you have a home in northern Brookside near Greenbridge Park, on the southern edge near Gauger-Cobbs Middle School or in the heart near the shopping centers, your residence is likely your biggest investment. Finding a policy that meets your lifestyle and requirements is essential. At VIU by HUB, you can compare quotes from several insurance companies, ensuring you find the price and features you want.

More than 61% of Brookside residents own their home. The median home price is $219,000, lower than the national median. These figures mean that more people may be able to afford a house in this urban neighborhood, and more people need to shop for a comprehensive policy. Home insurance protects you against perils such as storm damage, vandalism and burglary, all possibilities in Brookdale.

Risks Homeowners Face in New Castle County

Brookside gets an average of 45 inches of rain yearly, higher than the national average. While a standard policy does not cover flooding, it covers sudden and accidental rain damage if a storm causes it to enter your home. Snow is less common in Delaware, but the area averages 13 inches annually. Heavy, packed snow can strain roofs and gutters, and melting snow can leak through cracks into basements.

Seasonal Storms

While snow and ice sometimes play a role in Brookside home damage, seasonal storms are Delaware's most common natural disasters. Hurricanes and nor'easters usher in high winds and heavy rain from the Atlantic coast.

Tree Damage

Many weather conditions can cause tree damage. Heavy snow and ice can weigh down branches and cause them to fall onto your home or structure. High winds can blow down trees or limbs, putting holes in the roof, breaking windows or tearing up porches and decks.

Fire and Smoke

Kitchen fires can happen quickly while cooking. Home heating devices, such as space heaters and wood fireplaces, are also sources of fire danger. Clothing dryers and electronics with worn cords can put homes at risk of fire. Aside from the fire itself, houses can sustain damage from smoke and soot and significant water damage from efforts to extinguish it.

Home Insurance Prices in Brookside

Residents pay an average of $714 annually for a standard Brookside home insurance policy. This rate is lower than the state average. However, your price may vary from others across the state or even across the street. Insurance companies consider many factors when setting rates, including the home's age, proximity to a fire station, roof condition and security features.

Other cities may have more expensive home insurance rates due to crime rates, weather risks, cost of living and other variables.

What Your Brookside Homeowners Policy Includes

A standard policy includes coverage for your structure, belongings, personal liability and living expenses if you must leave your home during repairs. You can add coverage for medical liability expenses or high-priced belongings such as art or jewelry.

Risks that your policy covers include:

  • Fire damage, including the smoke and water damage incurred during extinguishing
  • Burglary and vandalism
  • Freezing or overflowing pipes
  • Wind, hail, tornado and storm damage

Standard policies also pay for costs related to damaged electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

Protect Your Residence With Reliable Home Insurance in Brookside

A Brookside home insurance policy helps you cover your losses if something happens to your residence. Shopping for insurance is easy with VIU by HUB. You can compare quotes from several insurers and determine the best option for your lifestyle. Trust VIU by HUB to help you find high-quality home insurance.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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