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When you have full coverage home insurance in Wilmington, your finances are protected from the burden of restoring or replacing your home after a covered peril.
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Life in Wilmington

With over 71,000 residents Wilmington stands as the largest city in Delaware. Although it is part of the larger Philadelphia metropolitan area, Wilmington stands on its own as a city with plenty to see and do. Enjoy a stroll through Brandywine Park which offers amazing views of the river of the same name. You can enjoy live performances at the Grand Opera House, one of the oldest in the nation.

Wilmington has a reputation for being one of the most business-friendly cities. Several major financial and insurance companies have operations here, including Barclays, Capital One 360 and American Life Insurance. Life is good in Wilmington where the median property value is nearly $174,000 and the median household income is almost $50,000. That's a ratio of nearly 3.5 to 1, giving the area high marks for affordability. Despite this ratio, most people can't afford to spend 350 percent of their salary to replace their homes after a fire. Home insurance in Wilmington gives homeowners peace of mind should such an event happen.

Threats to Your Wilmington Home

Delaware doesn't require homeowners to insure their properties, but mortgage companies usually do to protect their investments. This is because of certain threats to your home, including some specific to the Wilmington area. The city is at risk of several forms of extreme weather including cyclones, hailstorms, high winds and coastal storms. These events can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Wilmington also experiences cold winters, risking structural damage from snow and ice. Many of Wilmington's neighborhoods are historic, featuring older homes built in the 18th century. Remediating damage in old homes can be prohibitively expensive.

Coverages You Can Expect

Your home insurance in Wilmington covers the structure of your residence, most personal belongings, temporary living expenses and liability for accidents involving guests in your home. Your policy usually protects against covered perils such as fire, lightning, theft, vandalism and falling objects, among others. It's also important to know which perils are usually excluded from home insurance:

  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes, mudslides and other earth-related disasters
  • Acts of war
  • Valuable personal items such as jewelry, antiques and fine art

Some of these coverages may be available as endorsements to your policy. VIU by HUB is here to help you analyze all your options and compare quotes for the best price.

What Home Insurance Costs

To insure a $250,000 home, Wilmington homeowners can expect to pay around $646 annually on average. This is lower than the state average and the national average of $1,428. Several factors determine what you pay for coverage:

  • Coverage levels: The higher your coverage limits, the more you pay for insurance.
  • Age of home: Wilmington has many older homes with fixtures and elements that are more costly to repair or replace.
  • Location: Homes in areas with higher occurrences of natural disasters are often more expensive to cover.
  • Claims history: Past insurance claims will cause your rates to increase.
  • Credit rating: A strong credit history usually qualifies the insured for lower premiums.

Each insurance provider has its own methods for determining premiums based on the above factors. This is why it's important to compare quotes when shopping for home insurance in Wilmington. VIU by HUB helps you explore all your options and analyze rates from multiple providers to help you protect your home.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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