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Enjoying Unparalleled Views in Lewiston, ID

Lewiston, Idaho, is a unique city that sits at the conjunction of two Rivers, the Snake and the Clearwater. With a population of over 34,000. Lewiston is a regional hub for transportation, healthcare, education and more. The city is on a trajectory to grow at a rate of 10% in the next ten years, and the housing market is stable. After you invest $350-$400,000 in a three to four-bedroom home in Lewiston, you'll want to secure a home insurance policy that offers you comprehensive coverage.

Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in the country, and you can get unparalleled views of this geographic treasure while living in Lewiston. Outdoor recreation draws both visitors and people seeking permanent residency in Lewiston, and the median age in the city is 40. So whether you raft, hunt, hike or mountain bike, you should be able to rely on your home insurance policy to protect your home base while you're out having fun.

Exploring Climate, Weather and Crime in Lewiston

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of what awaits you in Lewiston. While the climate isn't harsh, the temperatures can hit extremes. Summer highs can reach 100 and above, and winter temperatures can dip to 19 degrees. These types of conditions may damage your home, especially if you're in an older property or one with many maintenance needs. 

Consider adding flood protection to your insurance policy when you're living in Lewiston. Because it is located near two rivers, 12% of all properties in Lewiston face severe flood risk. Wildfires also present significant danger to houses in the city, so be sure to adjust your coverage to meet your needs. You can use VIU by HUB to find alternative policies from major providers to guarantee you're getting a perfect fit.

Crime in Lewiston is a concern for homeowners. 17 out of every 1000 people experience theft in the city, making property loss one of the more common risks of owning a home. Ensure that your home insurance in Lewiston offers you the protection you need for peace of mind. 

Comparing Premiums for Home Insurance in Lewiston, ID

You deserve to pay a reasonable price to protect your home. While many factors impact the cost of home insurance, people in Lewiston typically pay $1,140 per year for their insurance premiums. This rate is significantly lower than the national average and just under the state average. Cities such as Meridian and Mountain Home have similar rates.

Insurance providers will use a variety of data points to calculate your premium, including: 

  • Your credit history
  • The age and value of your home
  • The condition and size of your home
  • Local and regional climate and crime risks

This information can make a big difference when it comes to your quote. Use VIU by HUB to see competitive plans from major insurance providers so that you aren't stuck with only one option for home insurance.

Find Your Confidence With Unbeatable Protection

To embrace all that life has to offer in Lewiston, Idaho, you need to feel confident that your home insurance policy meets your needs. Shopping for new home insurance in Lewiston, ID, doesn't have to be stressful. The majority of providers offer these categories of coverage: 

  • Liability and medical costs
  • Personal property loss from theft
  • External and internal property damage
  • Inclement weather and storm damage

With a clear understanding of your needs and budget, you can compare your options on VIU by HUB to find a home insurance plan that's right for you.

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