Meridian, ID, Home Insurance

Meridian, ID, home insurance protects your budget from the out-of-pocket costs of covered events like fire, severe weather and vandalism.
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Make Your Way to Meridian, ID

Meridian, ID, ranks second to Boise as the state's most populated city. With nearly 118,000 residents, it's also one of the fastest-growing locations in the entire U.S. Meridian has 17 public parks as well as its own symphony orchestra. It's also the home of the Idaho State Police headquarters and Blue Cross of Idaho. Residents and visitors alike love the charming downtown and the picturesque location at the base of the Boise Mountains.

Living in the Meridian Area

Meridian homes have appreciated in value by more than 260% over the past decade. Residential properties in the city have a median cost of $486,400, significantly above the U.S. median of just over $338,000. Almost three-quarters of the homes in Meridian have been constructed since 2000, a reflection of the city's rapidly expanding population.

The area benefits from its convenient location, just 20 minutes from Boise. It also offers a wide variety of cultural activities and a burgeoning restaurant scene. If you're interested in moving to Meridian, it could be a good time to buy. After many quarters of rising prices, the Deseret News reported that prices are leveling off in Boise and beyond. You can invest in Meridian, ID, home insurance to protect the value of your property from catastrophic events.

Possible Issues for Meridian Homeowners

Wildfires destroyed an estimated 62,000 acres of land in Idaho in 2023 alone. If you own property here, ensure that your policy does not have a wildfire exclusion. Most standard homeowners insurance policies cover fire-related damage. Hailstorms can also affect your Idaho home, so review your coverage carefully. Many insurance companies charge a separate deductible for damage related to hail.

It's also important to be aware of the potential impact of heavy snowfalls and high winter winds. Although Meridian, ID, home insurance tends to cover damage caused by severe weather, you might need extra coverage if you're concerned about flooding. You can find an affordable price on coverage that includes a flood rider when you shop online with VIU by HUB.

Average Premiums for Meridian, ID, Home Insurance

According to NerdWallet, Meridian homeowners pay an average of $1,060 for an annual auto insurance policy. You'll likely save money compared to the Idaho average of$1,165 for an annual auto insurance policy, which translates to about $97 per month. It's also a notable savings from the U.S. average rate of $1,820 per year.

A few factors contribute to the relatively low rates for home insurance here. The city has a very low incidence of property crimes such as burglary and vandalism. Idaho's rural setting also plays a role. The state is less likely to experience catastrophic weather events than other locations, and the lower population influences a lower rate of claims. However, premiums vary significantly based on your personal situation as well as the specific risk of claims in your neighborhood.

Home Insurance Requirements in Idaho

Idaho doesn't mandate homeowners insurance, but your mortgage documents likely specify a minimum amount of coverage if you have a home loan. Even without a mortgage, comprehensive homeowners insurance protects your budget from natural disasters, vandalism, fires and other unexpected events.

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