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Protect Your Property With Homeowners Insurance in Nampa

Nampa, ID, has beautiful summers filled with clear skies. The winter, however, tends to be cold and damp, with snowfall reaching a peak of 3.4 inches in December. Rainfall is common from September through May, and the cold months often bring ice and slush. Fog, hail, floods and thunderstorms are also frequent.

Despite the abundant precipitation, Nampa is home to over 110,000 people. While the majority of the population is white, there are Asian, Black and Native American members of the community. Notably, 25% of residents identify as Hispanic, and 4.4% identify as two or more races. Approximately half of residents are between 18 and 54, and 25% of adults have some college education.

The median home price in Nampa is $329,879, which is high compared to the national average. More than 50% of homes are 3-bedroom, and 66.1% of residents are homeowners. About 40% of houses are relatively new, with a building date of 2000 or later.

Find Homeowners Coverage To Suit Your Needs

The cost of insurance has many variables, but one of the biggest is location. Where you live impacts the weather, crime rate and even the age of your home, all of which present different risks. Insurance companies use these risks to calculate your monthly premium; in theory, this process fairly distributes the cost burden to those most likely to file a claim.


Another factor impacting premiums is the cost of living. If prices are higher in your area, insurers can charge more while remaining competitive.

Nampa, ID, residents can expect an average annual cost of $1,258 for homeowners insurance. That's significantly lower than the national average but slightly higher than the state average. The higher price may have to do with the number of thunderstorms over the years, the risk of flooding and the significant number of property crimes.


Thunderstorms can wreak havoc on a property, particularly rooftops. High winds can rip off shingles, send branches flying and even tear dead trees from the ground. This debris can crash through rooftops and break windows, allowing water into the home. The cleanup and repair costs of these events can be quite high, especially if mold grows as a result.

Hail is also a concern, as it can punch holes in rooftops. Additionally, it can dent siding and even crack windows if the pieces are large enough.

Freezing weather can also cause ice to form on sidewalks after rain, creating slippery areas that are hard to see. Homeowners who host should be wary of these ice patches, as they may injure guests, who can then file liability claims.

While the weather is one of the biggest concerns, insurers also cover damage from unanticipated events:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire and smoke

In addition to paying for home repairs, insurance companies pay to replace damaged or stolen items up to a specific threshold. You can buy supplemental policies for higher-value items, such as electronics and jewelry, to ensure you don't lose the difference between coverage limit and actual value.

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