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Driving Around New Orleans

New Orleans is internationally known for its Creole cuisine, unique culture, jazz music, and annual festivals, especially Mardi Gras. With a current population of 1,013,000. the city demonstrates its popularity with steady growth year over year. With numerous museums, parks, restaurants, live music venues, and sports venues throughout the city, there is plenty to see and do. Before exploring this historic town on the banks of the Mississippi River, you should ensure you have sufficient car insurance in New Orleans.

Road Hazards

The average household in New Orleans owns two vehicles, and most residents drive solo to work with an approximate commute time of 23.5 minutes. Unfortunately, that time on the roadways of New Orleans can be hazardous. Traffic fatalities have continued to increase over the last five years and are currently at their highest rate in two decades.

Weather Hazards

The southern location of New Orleans means the area experiences hot, oppressive summers and short, mild winters. Because the coastal city is located below sea level, it is susceptible to flooding, high winds, coastal erosion, extreme temperatures, and thunderstorms. The city has received 28 federal disaster declarations. which is more than triple the national average. These weather issues can compound the hazards faced on the New Orleans roadways.

Alternate Transportation

The historic streetcars immortalized by Tennessee Williams in "A Streetcar Named Desire" still transport visitors and residents around the French Quarter and other popular areas of town. In addition, bus lines and ferries offer transportation options to the public, but nothing compares to the convenience of driving your personal vehicle. If you choose to drive yourself around the city, you should use VIU by HUB to find the best insurance coverage from New Orleans providers. 

Car Insurance in New Orleans

Louisiana state law requires vehicle owners to carry liability insurance. This pays for personal injury or damages to property in the event you cause an accident. Each vehicle must have 15/30/25 limits. which indicate the following:

  • $15,000 in bodily injury coverage for one person
  • $30,000 in bodily injury for more than one person in one accident
  • $25,000 for another person's property damage

Insurance Costs

Car insurance can provide financial assistance in case of collision damage, theft, fire, explosions, weather-related damage, and damage due to acts of nature. New Orleans drivers pay approximately $3,236 each year for full coverage car insurance. This is above average for the state of Louisiana and is also significantly higher than the national average. 

Car Insurance Cost Factors

High accident rates and weather-related risks may contribute to the higher costs of automobile insurance in the New Orleans area, but there are other factors at play as well. Louisiana has a high volume of lawsuits for car accidents, which dramatically increases insurance operating costs. Car repairs are becoming more expensive due to additional technology and special features in today's vehicles. Healthcare in the state of Louisiana is also increasing in cost every year, which impacts car insurance rates due to the medical coverage aspect.

If you are searching for affordable car insurance in New Orleans, you should start with some research into available agencies and policies. VIU by HUB can assist in your search by providing quote comparisons between area brokers. Once you identify an insurance provider, you can tweak the policy type and deductible amount to arrive at a price that fits your budget.

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