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When choosing car insurance in Brunswick, it's important to take local driving risks into account.
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Complete Guide to Brunswick Auto Insurance

Good car insurance is a must for drivers, and Brunswick is no exception. How can you choose the right coverage if you're one of the 17,000 people who call this college town home? Customizing your policy to your driving habits makes a huge difference. Whether your weekly routine involves running a coffee shop at Fort Andross Mill, jogging at Mere Point or taking your kids to Town Commons, your auto insurance should protect you when it matters.

Prepare for Your Daily Commute

The more traffic you run into on the way to work, the higher the risk of eventually getting into an accident. For the majority of workers in Brunswick, getting to work or school takes an average of 20 minutes. Commuting via Route 1, Route 201 and Interstate 95 shortens your travel time, but those roads also have significant traffic.

Your travel distance matters, too. Brunswick has basic public transportation, but it's rarely used for daily commuting. The majority of residents ( over 60% ) drive to work in a personal vehicle, though people who live close to the office may walk instead (15%).

Choose Car Insurance in Brunswick Designed for College Life

Bowdoin College is a major draw for area residents. Some of the university's 3,000 students live in the city and travel just 5-10 minutes to campus. Others commute from nearby cities such as Portland, Richmond, Wales and Lewiston.

If you have kids enrolled in Bowdoin College, make sure they have car insurance that is affordable and practical. Sometimes, basic coverage is enough.

You have the freedom to choose what types of coverage you want to prioritize (personal injury protection, collision coverage, etc.) and how large the deductible is. VIU by HUB can show you a wealth of information to help you decide.

How Local Car Accident Statistics Help You Decide

Brunswick has low property crime, so you may not need as much coverage for auto theft. On the other hand, the city gets over 60 inches of snow, making damage from fallen branches or hail a common risk. Comprehensive insurance can help with repairs.

Invest in Collision Coverage

In 2022, there were almost 600 car accidents within Brunswick city limits. The surrounding area had a whopping 7,000 crashes total. That's an average of almost 20 accidents a day.

The majority of local accidents are rear-end collisions. This happens when drivers behind you aren't paying attention and run into your vehicle. They may be speeding or texting while driving.

Keep in mind that many crashes happen at city intersections. Distracted drivers may ignore a stop sign or turn without looking. Collision insurance can help you in all of these situations.

Drive Carefully During Bad Weather

Another surprisingly common cause of local crashes is sliding off the road. Snow and ice are responsible for about 400 crashes every year in the region. Almost 1,000 accidents happen on wet roads.

Deer impacts are a risk, too. If you frequently drive at night or during bad weather, make sure your collision coverage is up to the challenge. This kind of insurance helps you repair or replace your vehicle after virtually any kind of crash.

Pricing Information for Car Insurance in Brunswick

On average, local premiums cost about $900 a year, lower than the Maine average. This gives you the flexibility to invest in extra coverage where you see fit. Use VIU by HUB to check a variety of options and give your family the gift of excellent car insurance in Brunswick.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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