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Daily Commutes Through Beautiful Nature

Scarborough is a peaceful city of 24,000 people surrounded by natural beauty at every turn. If your family is one of the 9,000 households living in Scarborough, you have wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors every day, from biking along The Eastern Trail to swimming at Higgins Beach. What driving safety factors should you consider when looking for car insurance in Scarborough?

Natural Gems Within Driving Distance

Located just a short drive from Scarborough Beach State Park, the city of Scarborough appeals to nature lovers, fitness enthusiasts, photographers and everyday families alike. Some highlights include:

  • Scarborough Marsh: An estuary connected to the Dunstan River with countless varieties of birds and other wildlife
  • Prouts Neck: A neighborhood with a rich history, views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Winslow Homer Studio
  • Scarborough Beach State Park: A forested area with several sandy beaches, including Higgins Beach and Pine Point Beach

It's easy to hop in the car with your family and find destinations for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking and birdwatching. Plus, with a population per square mile of less than 500 people, Scarborough gives you plenty of peace and quiet for relaxation.

Nearby Entertainment and Employment Opportunities

One of the best things about Scarborough is its location. By car, your family can reach downtown Portland, ME, in around 15-20 minutes. That gives you access to exciting entertainment options whenever you want, without the stress of big-city living when you get home at night.

Many families in Scarborough commute to Portland for work, with an average commute of about 20 minutes. Having car insurance in Scarborough matters because over 80% of the workforce commutes by car. Public transportation isn't available, which explains why most families own two or three vehicles. 

Car Accident Risk Factors for Scarborough Drivers

Even though the region is peaceful, its roads and highways aren't always the same. In 2021, the city of Scarborough had over 600 crashes. or almost two car accidents every day. The surrounding area had 7,300 crashes in the same year, or 140 a week.

Why do local crashes happen? According to statistics:

  • Nearly 50% are rear-end collisions.
  • Over 20% are drivers who slide off the road.
  • About 10% involve deer or other wildlife.
  • Roughly 20% of accidents happen at city intersections.

Many of these circumstances are things you can't control. Even if you're an amazing driver, someone who is texting and driving can still run into you at a red light. Speeding vehicles and drunk drivers also cause many crashes every year.

Smart Options for Car Insurance in Scarborough

What you do have control over is the type of car insurance you choose for your family. With VIU by HUB, it's easy to compare multiple insurers and policy options.

Collision Insurance

Scarborough gets a whopping 61 inches of snow every year. Snowstorms and ice are major causes of sliding off the road. With collision coverage, you can repair or replace your vehicle in single-car accidents and crashes involving other vehicles.

Personal Injury Protection

Rear-end collisions and accidents with wildlife are dangerous because they often cause serious injuries. PIP coverage helps you pay for medical treatment and ongoing care after an accident.

The average cost of car insurance in Scarborough is $900 a year for full coverage, about the same as in Portland. This gives you plenty of wiggle room in your budget. Use VIU by HUB's comparison tool to customize your coverage, keep your family safe and save money.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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