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Protect Your Valuable Assets With Home Insurance in Kansas City

As home to over a half million people, Kansas City, Missouri, is a diverse and growing metropolis on the border of Missouri and Kansas. Known as the City of Fountains, the area boasts multiple museums, a world-class zoo, a thriving arts community and some important historical sites.

Just over half of the residents of Kansas City own their own homes. The percentage gets higher when looking at married residents, with more than 77% of families with married heads of household owning their dwellings. These families work hard for their money, with a median income of nearly $80,000. Financial security is important, and high-quality home insurance in Kansas City can help to safeguard it as residents enjoy all their city has to offer.

Average Cost of Home Insurance in Kansas City

The median value of homes in the metropolitan Kansas City area has doubled over the last decade, from $140,000 to over $350,000. High home insurance prices in the area compound this expense. Kansas City residents can expect to pay over $2,800 annually for a $300,000 policy. This is 10% higher than the Missouri state average and 61% higher than the U.S. national average. If you need help researching rates, check out VIU by HUB to compare rates from numerous providers in the area.

Why Is Kansas City Insurance So High?

Forbes Advisor ranked Missouri in the top five states at risk for climate disasters costing over a billion dollars. The state has experienced 51 climate-related disasters in the last ten years, including severe storms, floods, droughts, snow and ice. These disasters have cost the state an estimated $4.6 billion per year for the last decade, which causes insurance rates to rise.

In addition to weather-related issues, Kansas City is ranked as the ninth most dangerous city in the country. with a violent crime rate of 1,326 per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 4,376. These statistics can also negatively impact home insurance premiums.

Understanding Your Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance policies provide a financial safety net in case of damage or loss. The issues covered under an insurance policy are known as "perils." While your typical homeowner's insurance policy covers numerous perils, no single policy will cover them all. Common coverage includes the following:

  • Storm damage from lightning, hail or wind
  • Winter damage from freezing, snow or ice
  • Crime, including theft or vandalism
  • Damage from falling objects
  • Damage caused by vehicles or aircraft
  • Damage from fire, including smoke and water

Please note that flood damage, earthquakes and sinkholes are not typically covered. If your home is in an area that is prone to these types of disasters, you will need to obtain additional coverage. Intentional damage and issues due to normal wear and tear or maintenance neglect are also generally excluded.

Find the Right Home Insurance in Kansas City

Each home is unique, as are the needs of each individual homeowner. If you are not sure what you might need for your home insurance in Kansas City, there is no need to worry. Our agents are available to assist you with your search. Let us help you find a policy that provides what you need for the price you want to pay. Advanced tools from VIU by HUB can help you compare quotes from numerous agencies providing insurance in the Kansas City area.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.



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