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Replacing a damaged home can cost several hundreds of thousands, but a policy for home insurance in St. Louis protects your finances.
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Crossing the Gateway to the West

Nicknamed the "Gateway to the West," St. Louis is home to nearly 287,000 people. Because of its location on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, it was considered an entrance to the West by explorers and settlers in centuries past. The Gateway Arch is one of the nation's most iconic landmarks, providing breathtaking views of the Mississippi and the river. From exploring over 4,000 species of animals at the Saint Louis Zoo to watching the St. Louis Cardinals play ball downtown, there's always something to do here.

Noted as one of the most affordable cities in the country. St. Louis has much to offer residents. The median household income is nearly $48,000, almost one-third of the median home price at $153,000. Whether you have a mortgage or not, repairing or replacing a home that has been damaged by fire or natural disaster can be prohibitively expensive. Having home insurance in St. Louis can help.

Understanding Your Risks

When owning a residence in St. Louis, you could experience these area-specific risks:

  • Tornadoes: The St. Louis area sees more tornadoes than other parts of the country, exposing homes to significant structural damage.
  • Property crime: St. Louis experiences property crime, such as theft and vandalism, at a much higher rate than the rest of Missouri and the nation.
  • Vacant homes: St. Louis has a relatively high number of vacant homes, which can attract crime and vandalism.

Because of its proximity to the Mississippi River, flooding is also a concern for many homes. Home insurance policies vary when it comes to protection against natural disasters. Flooding may or may not be available with home insurance in St. Louis, but VIU by HUB helps you sort all your options.

Covering Your Shelter

Paying for insurance costs St. Louisans $3,165 per year. on average. While this is higher than the national average of $2,417, this is a little lower than the state average for Missouri, which has some of the highest rates nationwide. The following criteria influence what you pay for home insurance in St. Louis:

  • Expected natural disasters: The likelihood of natural disasters leads to higher rates due to the severity of post-disaster damage.
  • Home replacement cost: Your premium will be affected by whether your policy covers the cost to replace your home or its actual cash value, which accounts for depreciation.
  • Age and condition: Newer homes are generally less expensive to insure.
  • Location: Proximity to crime and bodies of water can raise your premium.
  • Pets: Having certain animals, including some breeds of dogs, will also increase your premium.
  • Claims and credit history: Lower credit scores and past claims also raise your rates.

Your specific home may have features that can raise your premium or lower it through discounts. VIU by HUB helps you find a plan that accounts for the common and unique features of your residence.

Knowing What's Included

Most homeowners' policies will include these coverages :

  • Building: Cost to repair or rebuild home following a covered event
  • Personal property: Cost of items damaged or stolen
  • Additional living expenses: Cost of living expenses while your home is repaired or rebuilt, such as temporary lodging
  • Personal liability: Covers injury or property damage to a visitor or guest in your home

Each homeowner and household will have specific needs for home insurance in St. Louis. VIU by HUB is here to help you figure out what makes sense for you and find the best rates. Get started today.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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