Auto Insurance in Concord, NC

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Auto Insurance In the Piedmont Region 

Drivers in Cabarrus County should get car insurance in Concord NC. The state of North Carolina requires every motorist to maintain insurance that meets or exceeds minimum amounts of liability coverage for injuries to one or more people and property damage. Learn more about continuous liability coverage requirements and options for replacing vehicles that get totaled in collisions. VIU by HUB brokers help Piedmont region residents get coverage through insurance companies that are licensed to conduct business in North Carolina.

North Carolina Liability Requirements

Every driver in Concord and Cabarrus County needs insurance that satisfies minimum liability limits set by the state of North Carolina. This state does not require residents to carry collision coverage, but set amounts of coverage for liability for injuries to one or more other drivers or passengers and damage done to property is mandated by North Carolina law. Here are the basic financial responsibility requirements set forth in State Law G.S. 20-279.21:

  • Injuring one person: Motorists in North Carolina should have auto insurance policies that have a limit of at least $30,000 to cover bodily injuries caused to one person. Many drivers prefer policies that have higher injury liability limits. 
  • Injuring more people: A limit of $60,000 for injuries a driver causes to more than one person is also necessary for car insurance in Concord NC. This per accident limit is only a mandated minimum, and many policies have higher bodily injury limits.
  • Damaging others’ property: The state requires drivers to have at least $25,000 in liability coverage for property damage. This is the third and final area of state-mandated coverage for liability.

Comprehensive Concord Car Insurance

Drivers in Concord may want policies with higher liability limits and additional coverage for collisions. Most car insurance in Concord NC provides actual cash value for totalled vehicles, which includes depreciation and may not pay out an amount sufficient to replace a vehicle. Policies that provide any of the following types of coverage may have higher premiums justified by benefits that are made available to policyholders:

  • Replacement value: Replacement value policies cover the cost of replacing a vehicle. These policies do not account for depreciation, which reduces the payout and the monthly premiums of actual cash value policies.
  • Agreed value: Policies that cover an amount agreed upon by an insurer and policyholder are referred to as agreed value coverage. These policies suspend co-insurance requirements based on a statement of property value.
  • Full glass: Auto glass coverage allows policyholders to replace safety glass in a windshield or other vehicle windows. Many full glass options do not necessitate meeting a deductible.
  • Electronic equipment: Electronics installed in a vehicle are usually excluded from coverage under most car insurance policies. Supplemental coverage can offset the cost of replacing these components due to damage or theft.
  • Towing coverage: The cost of having a vehicle towed can be an unexpected emergency expense. Adding coverage for roadside assistance to car insurance can be a helpful benefit that should not cause a significant spike in premium pricing.

A VIU by HUB insurance broker can help you select the right collision policy based on premiums, deductibles and benefits in the event that a vehicle requires repairs or replacement. Additional options are also available for car insurance in Concord NC that lower out-of-pocket costs for repairing or replacing important components or expenses for roadside assistance.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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