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What Affects Your Premiums for Car Insurance in Gastonia, NC?

Signing up for car insurance in Gastonia NC isn't just a good idea; it's also legally required of North Carolina residents. Before you move to Gaston County's seat, reach out to a VIU by HUB broker about getting the coverage you need. As you look at schools such as Ashbrook High School and Piedmont Community Charter School, keep in mind these factors that could affect your premiums.

Your Driving Record

Before offering you car insurance in Gastonia NC, your insurance broker looks at your driving record to learn what kind of driver you are. If you have a history of driving without insurance or speeding recklessly, you're more likely to file claims with your insurance company. You're also more likely to be liable for accidents on West Garrison Boulevard, Floyd Lane, or South Yates Street.

North Carolina automatically removes most points three years after they are earned. If you're interested in removing them more quickly, you can take a driving improvement program through the state's Department of Transportation. Not only do these classes help lower your premiums, but they also decrease your chances of getting into accidents as you buy dinner at Marco's Pizza or drop off your kids at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School.

Your Car

Your car's value affects your premiums because the more expensive it is, the more your insurance company has to pay if you have collision coverage. Older cars tend to be cheaper than newer ones, but if your car is missing new safety developments, its lack of security may raise your premiums. For example, seat belts that lock automatically and daytime running lights reduce your chances of getting seriously injured during an accident, so your broker probably offers lower premiums if you have these features.

Your Driving Time

The more hours you clock each week, the more likely you are to get in an accident. If you work far away from Gastonia, your premiums go up to account for your commute.

Your Age

Younger drivers tend to receive higher premiums than more experienced drivers because their risk perception is not as active. Also, because they have spent less time driving, younger drivers are more likely to make technical mistakes or forget to look carefully before merging. If you have kids who are learning to drive, make sure your insurance broker knows about this added risk.

Your Location

Your location also affects your premiums for car insurance in Gastonia NC because some crowded areas are more prone to accidents than remote ones. Also, if you sign up for comprehensive coverage, your broker takes your area's crime rate into account to determine whether your car is likely to be stolen or vandalized.

Your Limits

Your insurance policy's limits are the total amount your insurance provider has agreed to pay per accident. The lower your limits, the lower your premiums.

Your Coverage Types

North Carolina requires you to have liability coverage and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. If you purchase any of the following types of insurance, your premiums increase. 

Personal injury protection insurance helps cover you and your passengers' hospital bills after an accident. Comprehensive coverage assists with car damages that don't result from accidents. For example, if a hurricane hits Gastonia and flying debris shatters your windshield, comprehensive coverage helps you repair it. Finally, collision coverage helps you fix your car after an accident. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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